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Can I make a Collaborative Playlist Public but allow only certain users to add to it?

Can I make a Collaborative Playlist Public but allow only certain users to add to it?




(iPhone, Macbook 2017)


I have a few collaborative playlists and I would like to share them with people because they have asked but I do not want to grant them the ability to add to them. I also would like to share my playlist on reddit forums and stuff but again fear that i will be allowing a world of strangers to add to my playlist (this has happened with a public collab playlist in the past - random people started adding to it and removing my stuff and it ruined my listening experience to my favorite playlist).

Is there a way I can make it public but add specific users to collab? This seems like a basic implementation and hope it exists and if it doesn't, I hope it exists sooner rather than later - it will improve the socialisation of their users to create more of a community.  



2 Replies

Hey there @inesguillaume,


Thanks for reaching out to us!


What we can suggest in this case is to make your new collaborative playlists also secret. This way only people who have the link to the playlist will be able to listen to it, to add songs or to remove them. Keep in mind that secret playlists won't be displayed on your Spotify profile.


There's currently no option to make a collaborative playlist accessible only to a specific group of people, but we think other users might like your idea about that. You can go ahead and create an idea on the relevant Idea Board. We're always open to new ideas that could improve the app and its features. Here's more info on how ideas work. 


It's also worth checking this help article for useful tips on how to submit an idea. As a heads-up, it's good to know that the higher the number of votes an idea gets, the more likely it is for the idea to be implemented.  


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.


Have an awesome day!   

This is absolutely insane. I have a collab playlist with two friends and theres a stranger dumping songs in - and theres nothing we can do to prevent it. Spotify genuinely has the worst UX of any other app I use. I don't care about Joe Rogan but I get closer to moving to another serviice simply over the UI stuff Spotify stubbornly ignores for years and years.


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