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Can't delete podcast from Recently Played

Can't delete podcast from Recently Played






Android 9

Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

I played a coupe of podcasts one day and I can't delete them from Recently Played. I can delete songs and playlists using the Windows 10 app but when I right click on the podcast tile in Recently Played the only options are Follow and Share. I don't want these in my history and I don't want Spotify recommend I listen to them again. 

Does anyone know how I delete them?

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Hi @Mr_Busy,


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to remove items from Recently Played; however, there is currently a Live Idea for this potential feature.


I recommend adding your +VOTE to this idea, as the more votes an idea gets, the likelier it is that Spotify will implement it. You can also read more about how feedback on ideas reaches Spotify here.


Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a good day!

AdamDamSpotify Star
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Spotifiy urgently needs to provide the means to control history and suggestions. Where is the tool to remove items from the history? It should never have been removed.
I point out that this is almost in contradiction with the strict GDRP rules that apply in Europe. The user should be able to control and have deleted data about his habits, like what he listened to as music. Thanks.

Can we overwhelm the recently played section so that the album we are trying to delete could be removed from the home section?

There's a weird podcast that's is always on my recently played section and gets recommend it's a adult content of hentai so I wanted it to be removed!

Like many who have already posted above im shocked and appalled that such a basic feature such as deleting a recently played poscast from your history is missing, especially from such a well established app. I have 18+ poscasts with inappropriate titles are being recommended to my kids on my homepage, its unacceptable that this is allowed to happen. I will be deactivating my account and switching to a rival company such as Deezer who I know has this feature. 

I very much need the ability to control what content the kids i teach can see. Please spotify add a feature where it is possible to remove playlists or songs from listening history. I've tried overwhelimg it with other listining but it still comes up in the suggestions 

I briefly listened to a couple of podcasts and I did not like. I cannot delete them from my recently played list. I don't want to be reminded of something that I did not like. I'd like to have to option to remove it from my recently played.



it has been 3 years since this post, and yet we are still forced to look at recently played podcasts and music. it makes me not want to listen to anything on spotify at all. some random podcast i made the mistake of clicking on months ago is front and center every time i open the app. what a dumb thing to foist on paying customers. 

Still no solution…. 🤮

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