Cant Change Local Files Artwork

Cant Change Local Files Artwork




United Kingdom


Windows 10 Laptop, iPhone X

Operating System

Win 10 iOS 13


My Question or Issue

I have recently been trying to move my music over from my music app on my ios device to spotify (music that is not on spotify) and i was having trouble getting album artwork over for many of my songs, but only some for some reason. I have tried everything i have seen here and on spotify reddit and elsewhere but i would be grateful for anyones insight. As you can see the version of this specific song syncs over fine however it does not show the artwork but the artwork is present in itunes and spotify. If it helps im using AAC audio file format beacuse many songs were bought via itunes. 


Thanks for your help 🙂 


p.s if any employees at spotify are listening please fix the local files system so that you can just upload the songs to spotify beacuse the current system is way too complicated (if google play music can you can too)

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