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Liked Songs (from Library) ... not liked (from searching)

Liked Songs (from Library) ... not liked (from searching)




Belgium 🙂



(iPhone 8, Dell XPS 15 Laptop)

Operating System

(iOS 13.3.1, Windows 10)


My Question or Issue

Hello everyone,

I have some issue here, with my liked songs.

Indeed, I see different things according to the way I look for the same album.

If I go into my Library, I find the album I liked few days-months-years ago as I expect to find it.
But if I search for the same album from the searching bar, I find it but without any filled heart 💔

Take a look a these picture to illustrate what I'm saying :

From my Library (1st pic)
From the searching bar (2nd) pic



From My LibraryFrom My Library

From the searching barFrom the searching bar


How can we explain this ?

Thank You,


5 Replies

This is a very common issue. Spotify says that if the album gets pulled or re-added/updated in the Spotify catalogue its URI changes. The album’s URI that you have saved and the album’s URI on the artist page are different. Seemingly the albums are identical.

It’s an annoying problem that’s been there for ages and nothing’s been done and probably won’t be done about it. 

Thank you for your answer !

I have the same issue for the first time. It must be since the las update I did a couple of days ago. Not a single liked song in my artist page, I’m just brought to the main page of the artist, pretty useless, very disappointing.  I’ve read your article and some others, you explain why, thanks, but is there a woraround ? I’ve tried to un-like and like a song again but it doesn’t change anything. What tends to show it is not a problem of outdated links. The only think I can do is scroll or filter an artist in my liked songs playlist. Not convenient. If anyine found a better way I’m interested !

I’m here in 2024 and it’s become an issue I face almost everytime I search an artist I love’s Spotify discography. All my hearts/checks removed in album view because they’re attributed to an outdated URI. Super irritating that it’s become such an issue.

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