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Local Files Not Downloading


Local Files Not Downloading




Premium (On the student trial if that matters)




Samsung Galaxy 9

Operating System



My Question or Issue

I cannot play local files on my phone. It works normally on my PC, but will not play at all on my mobile. 


I have tried many of the common troubleshoots:

- Updating both PC and Mobile versions, and reinstalling them

- Using a mobile hotspot, and setting the main WiFi to Home instead of Public

- Making a new playlist

- I moved the downloaded files to my phone too

- Moved all the files into one place on my PC

- The download switch at the top right will just tell my phone it is downloading 219/240 songs and will not finish

- All of them are MP3

- It had worked before today, Oct. 28th, 2019

This started when random songs from my local files couldn't be added to queue on my phone. This led me to remove the files from the playlist and re-add them. Then they just simply wouldn't play on my mobile. I then got a legitimate version and bought premium just for this. Even after 2 hours of troubleshooting, it still hasn't worked. (I had a premium apk for my mobile before but installed the real version, and cleared away any Spotify APK I had downloaded)

More suggestions are welcome