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Local Files wont sync to iPhone 11

Local Files wont sync to iPhone 11







Computer, iPhone 11, got recently (Dec. 23, 2019)

Operating System

Windows 10, iOS 13.3


This has happened to me on the 25th. Before the 25th of December, I had local files from my computer synced correctly to my mobile phone. I could listen to the local files on my iPhone. Now that I got a new phone, I had to resync the Spotify playlist on this phone. I'm on the same wifi connection as my computer. I am able to play the local files on the computer Spotify, but not the mobile Spotify. I've tried going offline, restarting both apps, uninstalling both apps, and logging out of both apps. Nothing seems to be working, the local files are greyed out when it's in the playlist on mobile. Can I get some help?



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Hey there @Wsly11,


Thanks for reaching out here. No worries - help's on the way!


If you're having difficulties playing your imported local files on your new phone, we first of all suggest you take a look at this post, which provides some additional troubleshooting steps to those you've already gone through.


Hope you'll find the info useful. If the issue persists, just give us a shout again. We're happy to lend a hand 🙂

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