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Local file's Cover Art not showing up in some files

Local file's Cover Art not showing up in some files

Some of the files from local files don't show their covers I tried checking the files to see if there was something wrong with their covers but that wasn't the case I also tried re downloading but got the same result, the issue does not seem to be related to the files themselves but the apps. This occurs with the Desktop and Android app, I also noticed I am not the first person to report this problem but none of the previous reports have any factual solution or at least did not found any.

and just in case: Yes, some of the files have apostrophes in them (') but of the songs that don't show their cover art only a few have apostrophes, I tried removing apostrophes from the files to try my luck but got no results I also tried adding apostrophes to the files that do show their cover and didn't get any result either


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Windows, Android


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Hi @Lianyaba!


When it comes to album art, Spotify supports a set of properties in regards to font and image formats, so everything outside of those may not be displayed properly within the app. However, you can still edit the track's (or album's) metadata using the default Windows Media Player and update the album art so that it shows up on Spotify as well.


There's also this idea about editing metadata within the Spotify app that you may find interesting, so feel free to check it out!



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Hello. so there is a probem , i dowlanded music from internet and added album covers by myself through Mp3tag app. And i can see all covers on my phone but cant see them on pc. like from same album some songs have covers some doesnt. so i need your help , maybe u can give me advice what app should i use or what should i do.

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