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[Mobile] Playlist Order keeps getting changed

[Mobile] Playlist Order keeps getting changed

So, I normally sort my playlists by order of Artist, which makes the songs from the same album go together by their order in the album, and different albums go by alphabetical order. It was always like that, until without notice the playlist got randomized, it's just the same artist but no order whatsoever, like, songs from the same albums spread all over the other songs and it's really annoying. Worse, the play order has nothing to do with what is being shown, for example, if the order in the playlist is ABC, I click on B, and the player goes BA (C comes before B and A is last) instead of ABC as it should. One temporary solution I found is changing the sorting order to something else, and coming back to sort by artist, but it it only lasts until you close the playlist page, and I've already tried reinstalling the app, so I'm kinda lost here.




Galaxy Note 9

Operating System

Android 9


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