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My playlist on my Android phone does not play in full

My playlist on my Android phone does not play in full

I have a playlist that contains about 50 hours of music. The playlist is downloaded onto my Android phone. When I tell the app to play this playlist in shuffle only a small subset of music is played and then loops back to the beginning instead of continuing through the playlist. So if I want to hear more music I have to go and hit the shuffle button again.


Premium Family




Motorola One

Operating System

Android 10.


My Question or Issue

Is this a change to how playlists work, or is this a known bug? If this is a feature can I turn it off? I want to hear my complete playlist and not just bits and pieces of it.


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Hey @JRSofty,

Thanks for posting in the Community!

It sounds like this situation could be a result of a cache-related issue on your device. You can try and perform a clean reinstall of the app as described on this page. Keep in mind that the clean reinstall also wipes out all cached downloads. So for offline listening to be available again, you'd need to download your preferred playlist(s) once more after you do the reinstall. See if this will shake things up and enable you to enjoy your downloaded playlist in full.

Aslo if you're using any cache/battery optimization apps on your Android, please make sure that Spotify app is excluded from their routines. We're suggesting this, as those apps tend to clear the cache of your device on their own request, thus sometimes this creates issues with your downloaded content.

Hope this does the trick for you, reach out if you need more help.

Kiril Moderator
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