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Some songs have a high pitching noise when using high audio quality

Some songs have a high pitching noise when using high audio quality





Reproduced on two of my devices: iPhone 11 Pro max and Windows Laptop + AirPods Pro

Operating System

iOS 14.4.2, Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Reproducing this problem is fairly simple and it seem to happen only on Blackpinks's artist songs:

  1. Set Audio Quality to Normal
  2. Clear the cache if needed, so Spotify will download the lower/higher quality version
  3. Listen to any of those songs: /
  4. Listen to the first 10 seconds of any of those two songs, they will sound normally.
  5. Switch to another track that is not any of those previous two (Else Spotify won't re-download the track)
  6. Now change the audio quality to very high
  7. Delete the cache
  8. Listen again to one of those two songs, they will have a high pitching noise in the background which is very disturbing.

I have not tried without AirPods Pro. Though the bug is shared between my Computer and Phone. I just found those two songs to have this problem, all the other ones in my library behave normally when setting a higher quality.


Any idea? Thanks!

6 Replies

Hey there @Simo2553


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out about this. 


Would you mind letting us know if the issue persists when you're not using your AirPods as well?


On another note, could you ask a friend or a relative to log in to their account in your devices to check if the issue persists with a different account?


We'll be on the lookout for your reply.

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

Hey this problem should be well known by now by all spotify users, many korean made songs have a high pitch noise to change the colors of the light sticks used on their live sessions. It would be cool if Spotify forced the song uploader to upload the actual song without modifications.
I can say this has been a thing since KPOP became popular outside korea.

I personally cannot listen to KPOP on your platform due to headaches if I play it for more than 5-10mins.
Proof it's not our problem:

There are even versions of these songs uploaded outside your platform without the problem:

I know this thread has been abandoned but it's not locked so I decided to post all this here 🙂 My friends call me crazy for listening that noise when they can't.
I tried listening to on different Spotify Premium accounts, computers and headsets.
I tried ASTRO A40 Gen4 ASTRO A50 Gen4 and Sennheiser HD 450 BT. Can hear it on all of them.

Latest song where I can hear the high pitch noise

There are many threads created about this problem but it's still marked as NRN for some reason. This should be looked as soon as possible. People with bad headsets, playing music on cars or speakers won't be able to listen to it but audophiles get completely destroyed by it and a whole music genre gets obliterated by that.

Fun fact, if you listen through the browser, for example by clicking play on the snippet you won't hear the noise 🙂

Today I listened to blackpink in browser and some songs still had it

During play back of a number of different songs, different genres on different devices, I am getting a high pitch noise coming through. First time I heard it I was listening on my iPhone but using Apple Car Play and I thought I had a blown speaker, but then later I heard the same noise on my actual iPhone, a second vehicle through bluetooth, then using computer app through my laptop speakers and external speakers, lastly on 2 different smart TV's. The high pitch noise makes me want to shut off Spotify and cancel my membership.

Just happened to me for the first time over Bluetooth through android in my car. I don't remember the song but one not in particular was so high it was uncomfortable.  

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