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Tastebreakers Playlist

Tastebreakers Playlist

I'm looking for my 'tastebreakers' playlist. I can only find the one that I had from last year. Is this a Premium only playlist??



2 Replies

Hi there @user-removed

thanks for reaching out !


First of all, in order for content posts to get the relevant and quickest respond, they should be posted in the "Content Questions" section of the community.


Next time, if you're unsure where to post, you can simply visit the community guidelines page here.


Spotify, are often testing and launching improvements and new features

You can read more info here and get to know you library better and in addition read get more info on the "Made For You" section of the app specifically.


The reason i provided the support pages above is that the "Tastebreakers" playlist is now part of the "Made For You" section.


Hope this shed some light.

Let me know if you have more questions 🙂



Hi! Thank you so much for replying! 


I do know where my Tastebreakers playlist is supposed to be, however there is none there for me. I only see the one made in early 2019, made based on my 2018 music. I was wondering if they were still a thing, as I don't have one for 2020. 


Again, thank you for replying 🙂

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