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What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?

What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?

Hello Community,

Could somebody please explain how can I remove the two "Shortcuts" from my Home tab? Please, see the attached screen shot.

I have in Spotify Web, Destkop App, Mobile App.

It just sits there, I don't know why and I would prefer not to have it there.

I have found no way how to remove it.

I do not know the artist, I do not follow the artist, I do not like the artist...

So why do I have a shortcut for that song on my Home tab?

Thank you.

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 20.23.16.png
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Jeremy, can you just add a Remove option. The Shortcuts section is not even something a user creates themselves, like playlists (and even that has a Remove option), it's prescribed to the user so at least let us opt-out or remove it all together. I'm sure Rasmus Andersson would be disappointed by this major issue, that is easily solved

Please at least sort out the algorithm for calculating what a shortcut should be. I listened to a pod cast for < 30 seconds, now its right there top of my page every day for the last week... This does seem to be an oversight from the programmers!
Please, please just add a switch to toggle off shortcuts - we know how to navigate Spotify.
And similarly, 'Shows to try' - why are you suggesting "bedtime stores"!?!? I don’t have kids, and I listen to Korn and alike.. strange!

Sure Jeremy, great placebo reply: "Just vote for the feature". Then you wait 5 years and maybe some day you might get that fixed. I think going to apple music, as suggested by other people, is the fastest way to a decent paid service. I know you won't miss me, you have millions of users and I'm just one less **bleep** using your service, but **bleep** it, such is life. Good bye Spotify?.

@ramirez, this is the type of answer you'd expect from Spotify. It's always some stupid "vote for this" response.


It's nearly 2021 and this is an issue? How hard is it to add code to remove a shortcut? It isn't. They just have some underlying reason they don't want to do it. 


I am in the same boat. Have this kids Bop on my shortcuts along with hard rock, metal, and what not. Pretty sure at one point the kids told Google to play something like that and now I can't remove it. I was hoping I could on the PC, but as I looked this morning I found that wasn't an option and then that led me here. 


And I should have known we'd all get the usual nonsense response of voting for something that shouldn't even be an issue.


Sometimes I question the dev teams of Spotify and why we're even discussing this. 

It is beyond frustrating that Spotify refuses to fix this bug.  I just updated to the latest and it is still there... There is no way that this is a desirable feature because it shows a list of songs that I clicked on over the course of a day or two SEVERAL MONTHS AGO and is never updated with actual music that I listen to (which I might actually want shortcuts to??!)  This is a joke guys... come on! Where can we post this that will actually be taken seriously?!  On the mac desktop app the entire visible top part of the home page is taken up by random stuff I don't listen to nor do I want to see every time I open the app.  Luckily it's nothing embarrassing, unlike what some people here are experiencing.

cus they think that if they take away our power to stop seeing or hearing stuff is fun :C

2020-12-09.pngi keep seeing this: its so eww my cat walked on my laptop and it played now it thinks i love it :C like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Yes same issue please fix it !

I also need an answer for this too because for some reason a podcast has popped up on my shortcuts Spotify needs to fix this even though its getting better they are not paying attention to this problem

Yes, this is actually ridiculous. The shortcuts section has had for MONTHS a lot of random stuff I only listened to ONCE. This is clearly a bug, why is it being treated like it NEEDS to be fixed by adding a feature?

Hi Jeremy

I too, like many of the members here, would like the ability to adjust my "Shortcuts". Although the songs in the playlist I wish to remove are top notch and every one of them is a classic, I would appreciate the choice to hide or remove it rather than having to worry that my elderly mother catches sight of this during a family barbecue.


Thanks for your consideration of this request. Now, get off your lazy arses and fix this incredibly simple to fix issue.

It's still there Jeremy.....


Jeremy??? You there Jeremy???




haha, I think Jeremy is in a predicament, he knows that the change has to be made, but the bosses need the podcast purchases to make a return on investment.


Jeremy, the most silent customer service guy, are you still employed?  And can you please let us edit the home page.  People are shocking their nearest and dearest, you cannot, in your heart of hearts, let this aberration continue 

Ha. Yes Jeremy.**bleep**'m on my knees, man. Please! For the love of all that is holy and righteous in the world. Please! Do the right thing. I know that you think you know what is right for your users. I know that you think that you know best when it comes to making decisions for them. I know that you think that you're doing 'the great service' for the community by preventing them making the simplest decisions for themselves on what the f&%@ they want to have displayed in their own f&%@ing Shortcuts. But for crying out loud, get this fixed.


Jeremy? Jeremy? I'm beginning to think Jeremy might not be real? 🙂

Wow. Not sure why "**bleep**." needed to be censored but hey, while you're dictating what we should do, why the **bleep** not I suppose.

Hahahaha. This is frikkin' amazing. "Listen to :at: yesboss. Please." ???????

I don't think they care. 

My "shortcuts" section shows a country playlist my wife listened to a few weeks ago. She now has her own spotify account and I am left with a southern girl drinking wine on my home page. I don't like that. 


Apple music doesn't seem so bad now.



Nothing have been done and something as simple as this been ask since 2018 ... I just took a premium subscription but think I will go back to my previous streaming service !!!

Hi everyone,


We're seeing a lot of complaints and while we can't resolve this as quickly as you'd wish us to, we still want to let you know that we're monitoring your feedback and provide you with some more insights.


The Shortcuts section you see on your Home Screens are part of ongoing efforts to improve the user experience by providing meaningful, relevant content recommendations to you. We understand that for those of you posting here, this isn't the case. Your feedback is what helps the right teams find out, that this still needs work on.


We cannot wholly disclose how our algorithms function, but to answer the question why you might be seeing something within the shortcuts that isn't relevant for you, there can be several reasons:

The app is suggesting content that others with similar music habits listened to. It's content related to radios or other suggested content that the app thinks you enjoyed.


As everything, this is a learning process and we're monitoring both backstage data and user feedback to improve our features.


That being said, we would again encourage everyone to vote for the idea we suggested. The idea section on this Community is far from something we take lightly and a main source to direct Spotify into developing certain features based on user popularity and demand. Even if new features can't be developed super fast, it does help us prioritize. The idea in particular would be a good solution for everyone, even if recommendations never become perfect.


We hope you understand. With best intentions,

The Community Team

How many subscriptions do you have to lose before you remove these annoying features and give us what we want?





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