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What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?

What is "Shortcuts" and how to remove it?

Hello Community,

Could somebody please explain how can I remove the two "Shortcuts" from my Home tab? Please, see the attached screen shot.

I have in Spotify Web, Destkop App, Mobile App.

It just sits there, I don't know why and I would prefer not to have it there.

I have found no way how to remove it.

I do not know the artist, I do not follow the artist, I do not like the artist...

So why do I have a shortcut for that song on my Home tab?

Thank you.

Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 20.23.16.png
93 Replies

It's pretty obvious to me Spotify doesn't care about mental health. They do not want to turn their platform into some kind of "social media" app, yet they have user profiles that you can look up, you can add friends from facebook, etc. I went through some bad emotional stuff and I see this persons playlist on my home page just smacking me right in the face. I do not want to see this, I want a block feature for users and a remove feature for these shortcuts. It is quite absurd to me that this is even an issue. This company has done nothing to care for the mental health of it's users by adding a few very SIMPLE options to their platform. This is a growing issue and Spotify has a chance to show that they care, but they simply choose to ignore everything in an effort to make you listen to**bleep** you do not want to listen to. 

  This is spotify idea of making even more money on top of premium sub. Same with Podcasts. My main screen full of **bleep** i have no interest in listening to, and no way to remove it. I have listening to a podcast and have no interrest to, but now if music ends, starts podcasts instead of similar music. Keep it up and you will lose my monthly fee.

  It's about making money. I could care less for some Rogan dude podcast, all of a sudden decided to start playing it on it's own. Now, its all over the place with no possibility of removal. Its they way of getting more money from us, like it or not. Response from so called "support" borderline offensive. Time to start looking for alternatives.

I long ago shift to DEEZER and really happy with my decision !!!

"I long ago shift to DEEZER and really happy with my decision !!!"

  The more i look at it, the more i'm raging at it. I just downloaded Deezer, see how i like it, Thanks for the tip.


  Can someone from Spotify explain to me, do they support and endorse Joe Rogan views? Do they support his Anti-vaxer, anti-mask views?  If not, why do I have to see at least 3-4 images of his podcast on my home screen with not possibility of removal? 

  It's madness to try and push podcast or music if the listener has no interest or worse,  and still have no choice to remove content from his own home page.

  I have decided to vote with my money and will be cancelling my premium family account. I don't believe in a company pushing they views on me, especially if i'm paying for the content.


Spotify’s inability to allow users to remove, clean, edit offensive “shortcuts” is so wrong headed that people are becoming so outraged that they are canceling subscriptions.

Same for me! Would like to remove no relevant content.

Yes I want to remove my Shortcuts as well
Recently played is all I need.
If Spotify wants to put out suggestions that fine with me but call it suggestions and give me a filter option.

"...are part of ongoing efforts to improve the user experience by providing meaningful, relevant content recommendations to you..."


Uh, huh. I've had stuff on there for two months I have not listened to a second time. Mighty fine recommendation engine. Do the developers even use their own app? If it can't be edited, you have no feedback to get recommendations right. Currently it is a garbage system.

This also bugs me. After my account got hi-jacked and connected to someone's "Living Room" I have their three playlists straight in my face EVERY SINGLE TIME I am on the start screen. I don't want to be reminded of that and all that Spotify support is telling me is "The algorithm will sort it out". After two month of daily usage NOTHING has changed. 


This is a privacy issue and needs to be addressed asap and prioritized by the product team. I should be able to modify and delete MY shortcuts at my behest. This is rediculous that this is still an open issue.

I don't know, but seems to be gone in mine. Shortcuts, that is. 

Maybe they've just renamed it, under Good afternoon, or whatever the case may be. But in fairness, have to report.

The other variable being, I recently re-upped to Premium. Is that the difference?

I have the same issue, my shortcuts are a Christmas playlist at all times of the year which is random and a pop playlist and a musical playlist. 
I would say pop and musicals are the only 2 genres of music I don’t listen to so this shortcut user experience couldn’t be more wrong for me. And no way to edit it, awesome job Spotify! You have no idea what your customers want! 
This is exactly the reason I preferred Apple Music before I joined Spotify. 
Here’s hoping a solution will arrive before I lose patience. 

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