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"Your Discover Weekly" playlist ruined by lullabies

"Your Discover Weekly" playlist ruined by lullabies






iPhone 11 Pro

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I recently had a child and used my Spotify account to play lullabies for a few weeks (mostly soft harp & piano music.) This is now all that appears in my "Your Discover Weekly" playlist for the last month. I have spent the last three weeks selecting "I don't like this song" on every item in the playlist, but it seems to have no effect. I am still listening to other music on my account and "liking" it, but my playlists are all harp and lullaby music. 

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I don't have a solution, but I am just also voicing that this is a serious problem I'm having as well.


We placed a Sonos speaker in our newborn's nursery that predominently loops white noise over and over throughout the night. Now my recommendations engine and Discover playlists are mostly meditations and white noise. I'd really like to either blacklist specific tracks or isolate the room as not contributing to my recommendations - is there a way to do this?

Any solution on this from Spotify? It's been another month of me selecting "I Don't Like This Song" on everything and still all I'm getting is Soft Hard & Piano lullabies. I no longer listen to these on my account (I made my daughter a dedicated Spotify account for her lullabies.) There has to be some solution here. My 2019 recap shows my most influential artist is some harpist.


It does indeed a signal boost - this problem statement has bled into their highly-coveted annual yearly review playlists. And while I understand this was probably something I should have considered as we added these devices and used them sort of haphazardly, it's also not a great experience to have a once-a-year-one-shot feature plagued by it.

Whilst it wont help with what is already there but apparently if you choose "private session" under settings then any music played will not go towards your recommendations. So if you need white noise or lullabies in the future then this should prevent it from happening again.


As you get rid of what has already happened though, I've no idea.

I haven't seen the "Private Session" in Sonos - is that just in Spotify? 


I know you can effectively 'cast' your Spotify from within the app to a Sonos speaker, but then you can't listen to multiple tracks in different rooms on the same Spotify account, which is an issue for me at least when we put our baby down for the night to some white noise but want to jam hard to sweet sweet xmas tunes downstairs.


So if there's a 'private session' option in the Sonos app that I'm missing that could probably help, but I haven't found one

I’m close to leaving Spotify over this and taking my family with me. I LOVE the Discover Weekly playlist. It and the Daily Mixes are the reason I haven’t gone to Apple Music. But now with a baby in the house, my Discover playlist is filled with the soft piano music we played to get the baby to sleep for less than a week, months ago. 

I’ve been extra careful to not play that music again, and I listen to plenty of the types of songs I want to hear. But every damn week, it’s nothing but soft sleeping music. And a few of my Daily Mix’s are taken up by it, too. No amount of selecting don’t play or now hiding them has fixed it.


Spotify—please do something about this!



It sucked when it took over my Discover weekly but now kids music has taken over all six of my daily mixes. I don’t see what the big problem would be having different users per account if there’s only one stream playing at a time. I did find a slight work around where I can click the sub menu for any playlist or my liked songs and it will create a radio station based on that but it doesn’t play as much interesting undiscovered music. At this point it seems the only option is to create a second account, share all my playlists with myself and then give My old account to my kid or delete it. Or just switch to free Spotify for my kid and delete my account and switch to prime music or Apple Music.

Hi everyone,


Sorry for the late reply, we just came across this thread. 


It's a good idea to turn on the Private Session whenever you play music that you don't want to show on the personalized playlists such as Discovery Weekly or Daily Mixes. In this article you can find how to turn it on and off depending on your device. 


On the other hand, we have group subscriptions where you can have sub accounts that won't interfere with each other. You can find more information about these subscriptions here.


Hope this clears things up. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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Hi @Eni - I certainly appreciate your response here, thanks so much for jumping in and trying to help.


Unfortunately my problem remains - what is the solution here for Sonos users?


There isn't a Private Spotify Session option available in Sonos that I've seen - are you able to advise if I've just missed. 


I also tried the Spotify Kids route, but alas - streaming to Sonos via Spotify Kids is not an option.


The link you provided for different subscription option was not linked correctly - would you mind re-providing that information if it is a potential solution?



Hey @PeterKelly82,


Thank you for getting back to the Community. 


If you're using a Sonos, the Private Session can be turned on and off only from the Spotify app. However, you can still control your speaker through the Connect feature, more info here


About your last question, here's the link to the current available subscriptions. 


Hope this clears things up.

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Hi @eni and @novy, the private session solution isn't a solution. And this issue needs immediate and urgent attention.


With kids you're in need of lullabies/white noise instantly so often in our case the scenario is baby starts crying at 3am and we say 'Alexa, play lullabies'. At 3am and generally any other time of day it is not convenient to pull out your phone, scroll through the settings to find private mode, turn on private mode, find a lullabies playlist, start playing, choose which speaker to cast it to. With a 1 step process vs a 6 step process when a baby is screaming in your arms - the 1 step process wins everytime.


Other scenarios are having a toddler who can talk to Alexa and requests lullabies herself.


What would a much better solution is for lullabies and children's music not to affect the algorhythms attached to adult accounts. I can guarantee that no adult using Spotify wants to 'discover' new lullabies and white noise.


My discover weekly and daily mixes are ALL children's music now. This is gutting for me because as a 10+ year Spotify customer as these were highly valued features that stopped me ever leaving for another streaming service. Interestingly my release radar hasn't been affected so clearly there's something in the system to stop it affecting this playlist.


Please, please, please fix this properly.

Hi there @ianwebster,


Thank you for your reply and feedback.


We know this is a highly requested feature and our developers are already looking into it.


There's currently an idea - [Discover] Exclude selected Playlists from Taste Profile and Discover Suggestions. You can leave a +VOTE and Subscribe to the idea for any updates regarding this.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else in the meantime.


Take care!

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Is there anyway to request a reset of taste profile and discover suggestion, even with a support request. I have spent months trying to 'correct' my Discover playlist after a few nights of listening to sleep music, but despite my not playing any playlists like this, my entire selections are just calming synth. 😅


I understand there is the suggestion of Private listening, which should help to mitiagate this problem, but what about for people who are already in this situation?

Hi @JimmyDeemo,


Thank you for posting on this thread!


Certainly the Private Session feature may help in these cases. The music you play while the feature is toggled on won't be shown on your recommendations. 


However, currently there's no way to reset your music record as you suggest. The alternative would be to create a new account and follow these steps to transfer your music and playlists, they may come in handy. 


Always keep in mind that unwanted recommendations should disappear after some time. In the meantime, keep listening to your favorite artists and playlists to keep receiving recommendations that better adapt to your taste and listening habits.


Let us know if you have any questions.

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I had to cancel a Premium Family Plan because of this issue. Get your act together Spotify.

How about buying a family licence and creating a kids only account. Not sure if you need a family account for the kids account for SpotifyKids but I'm aware you'll need log in details for Sonos, so a family licence will do it. You can share any playlists between accounts.


I don't use Sonos but did have the problem of kids songs ruining my discovery weekly etc but now I create the playlists I want in my account and share them with my child in SpotifyKids (as the adult in settings) 

I am also running into this issue. I was a heavy Spotify user and now I will be switching to Apple Music.


Life lesson: Spotify is not recommended for people with children.

It didn't work. My discover features are all ruined and it's a big loss for me. Selecting I DONT LIKE THIS SONG, nor private session has removed the problem.

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