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10 second rewind broken after last update

10 second rewind broken after last update

Hey there, after the last Spotify Update, the 10 second rewind (while using Apple Carplay) is completely messed up.   It is skipping anywhere from 13 seconds - 4:30+.  This issue is only occuring during Carplay and not happening while using the phone speakers or headphones.   It is extremely inconvient as I use the 10 second skip to rewind music and podcasts.  Sometimes, it just rewinds everything and starts all over which is incredibly annoying.   


Latest IOS and Latest Spotify app version.   Using Iphone X and I tried with Iphone 6s Plus and the bugged occured on there too.   I worked out all the possibilities with Spotify Cares on Twitter like: Deleting Spotify, unpairing and forgetting Carplay, Using A Test Account, Switching Phones, Switching Accounts, Resetting Cache (From Spotify's Side) and redownloading it.   Nothing worked.     Earlier today, the problem got fixed for maybe 1 hour and went back to being buggy.  Maybe you released a hotifx which fixed it but went back to being buggy?    I really hope you guys fix this as I use Spotify over Apple Music or other services because of the 10 second rewind (it may seem like a small thing, but it means a lot)





7 Replies

I thought I was crazy, and even after testing this with another device AND on another vehicle, I still thought it was something on my end. Good to read I’m not the only one.

Please get on this, Spotify! This under appreciated feature is so incredibly useful and gives it an edge over Apple Music.

Experiencing the same issue using an iPhone8. Rewind works properly maybe 10% of the time otherwise it just either jumps back several minutes or more often, to the beginning of the track.


Same issue here, iPhone 8 and I simply can’t rewind a song at all while using CarPlay. It’ll either restart the song or jump to the previous song. Really annoying and inconvenient 

Yeah same here, but after 2 updates ago, the 10% of the time turned into 0% of the time. So the issue that still exists, made it worse. This is absolutely horrible that it has been going on for so long

I'm also having this issue. I have an iPhone 11 and am on the latest version of iOS and Spotify. Rewinding via Carplay does crazy things. Tried listening to Joe Rogan yesterday and rewinding 10 seconds from the car's infotainment system caused me to jump forward 10 minutes. The second time I tried it skipped to the end of the episode. It's just unusable right now. 

This is still an issue today and has escalated.

When I use Spotify through Apple Carplay and hold down the 'previous' button to start rewinding, the app continuously rewinds.
Pausing and resuming a song, going to the previou song or the next song does not help.
Restarting the car system does not help. 

Only when I close the spotify app and reopen it I can listen to music again.

If a moderator considers this a separate issue, I don't mind creating another ticket.
But rewinding is broken and when I use it, it breaks my entire spotify app.

Spotify v. on iPhone Mini 12 with iOS 16.3 (20D47)

I have the same exact issue!! So frustrating how it rewinds uncontrollable then skips like a record! I’ve tried everything but it seems like an in app issue

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