Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button


Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

Music Fan
‎2012-06-24 03:48 PM

I accidentlally hit the thumbs down button on the Spotify Radio and was wondering if there was a way to view the list of songs/artitst that have been given the thumbs down or up; this is an artist I hope to find more music on but cannont recall their name? I suspect there has to be a file of some sort that is tracking this information, otherwise how would it know to play or not play that artist?


Thanks for your help. 



The back button did not work. 


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Re: Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

Music Lover
‎2015-10-31 04:30 AM
Undo. That's all I needed... Undo the last thing I did because I mis-poked my phone screen....kinda like gmail had had for years. But no, apparently Spotify employees and other customers are faultless in there screen poking. Spotify pride themselves on their ux testing, so it must be us that's wrong, not Spotify... Stupid foolish mis-poking users. Sorry we're not good enough, we'll go and find a service that's a little more forgiving.

Re: Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

Music Lover
‎2016-07-06 05:02 PM

 Spotify, are you listening?


This has been a problem since 2012 or earlier, and it's not fixed yet?


At my IT company, we inovate in less than 2 weeks fixes like this and get feedback from the customer to see if we did it right, and that's still going through 4-6 days of testing prior to launch, with teams of 4 per feature.


So, why is 4 years not enough to fix a dislike not logged or reversible button issue?


Here's what you do:


1) create a new table, call it something within your own naming convention that means "user song like dislike sync history"

2) configure fields (named appropriately in yoru convention) on this table like this:  primary key / user id / song id / station id / like or dislike / prev song rank / prev artist rank / prev station rank / user device id / user device ip / user session id / date time stamp

3) create a class, object, and a set of loading and unloading methods to handle the above (hopefully you already have this done, and just need to insert the structure of this table into your existing code)

4) update your dislike methods to log this

5) update dislike methods to allow for a secondary click for "undo"

6) create a history tab/page for all platform versions of the software to show history of likes and dislikes for each album, artist, station, and all history for the user

7) put code in place for the history page to undo likes and dislikes, as well as to move likes or dislikes or entire songs to other stations or playlists

8) testing.  lots of testing.

9) beta test.  Get all users from this forum thread to be beta testers and give us all a month of free premium for the hassle (customer obsession)

10) launch.

11) keep brainstorming how to innovate around this problem to create a different approach to this feature that makes it better than pandora, itunes, etc etc etc 

12) profit



Follow this approach.  If you have trouble with this, then contact me through my account and I'll come work for you and do it for you.  Seriously.  I will.  Probably have it launched in less than 2 months (depending on your internal dev tools and policies).



Seriously.  Call me.



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Re: Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

Spotify Legend
‎2012-06-25 11:07 AM
Hey there!

The tracks you give the thumbs up should be added to a new playlist called "Liked From Radio". However, the rest of the tracks are on an automated system, and I don't think I can track down that artist I'm afraid.
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Re: Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

Music Fan
‎2012-08-17 03:40 PM

This is a bit of a pain--Pandora logs all of your thumbs up/down clicks, and you can log onto the website to view the lists. If needed, you can even remove any tracks you didn't mean to thumb up/down. It kind of stinks that my radio station has been "improved" to exclude stuff similar to a song I accidentally thumbed down.  =(

Re: Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

Music Lover
‎2012-09-08 07:13 AM
I agree. This needs to be changed. Having a touch screen phone this has and will happen often. Pandora has a great way of fixing it. Spotify should do the same.

Re: Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

Gig Goer
‎2012-09-18 08:28 AM

Do I really have to make a completely new radio station from the same song/artist just to correct an accidentally clicked thumb button?


Will this be fixed in a newer version of Spotify?

Re: Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

‎2012-09-19 11:18 AM

We're discussing internally on how we should handle this issue, we want to be able to give our users a good way to see their thumbs up and down on a radio station and also alter them. I can't give you more details at the moment other than that we are looking into this issue :)

Re: Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

Rock Star
‎2012-09-21 07:34 PM

Glad this is being worked on. I just accidentally hit thumbs down when I meant to thumbs up the song; luckily right before I did that I also added the song to the playlist the station is based on. I'm kind of curious what effect that will have on the station...seems like there would be some sort of conflict.

- Brett

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Re: Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

Music Fan
‎2012-09-21 08:06 PM

Yeh I just hit thumbs up by accident (it was intended for the previous song) and I clicked on the thumb again thinking it would undo it and no cigar. I'm quit fond of the Echo Nest system so I'll continue to use Spotify but now I have to re-create that entire station. That part I'm not so fond of. 


Since it's digitally-based I'm thinking that any data input can be reversed. Actually... how would that work?

Re: Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

Music Lover
‎2012-10-01 04:02 AM

I am just spit balling here, but maybe it would be a good idea if the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons on my phone were not right next to one another?

Re: Accidentally hit Thumbs Down button

Gig Goer
‎2012-10-05 08:56 PM

This is also a problem with the PC version of spotify. Glad to see someone with the company has replied. I feel like a ruined 2 of my favorite stations this way! while we are also on this note, I don't see why it would be so hard to let us thumbs up/down a song that has ended, or played a couple songs ago. I can still see the album art in the list, why can't i judge it!