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Album list disappears


Album list disappears

Album list disappears after search then scroll. Individual tracks stay. Have to re-search to get album list, but if you have a long list, it'll disappear again once you start to scroll.


Anybody else? A fix?


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I was having the same problem.  I had tried uninstalling and installing with no success.  I emailed Spotify and they replied asking me to uninstall, then power down my iphone (4), power up the phone, and reinstall.  It worked for me.  I had previously uninstalled and reinstalled without restarting the phone.  You may want to try it this way.

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Same problem here. I just noticed it yesterday.

We need to get someone to acknowledge this.  This is a very basic feature that should not break with 100% reliability like this.  I'm running iOS 6.0.1 and the latest spotify off the server and I cannot get to the album I'm searching for because of this bug.



Forgot to mention: I'm on a 4S running 6.0.1.

I'm running iPhone 4.

yeah ive been having this problem for a couple weeks....this needs to get fixed

Hi, when scrolling down searching for new albums or artists the screen goes blank and all search results disappear when the page gets to 'loading more results' - Is there a workaround or solution for this? This is happening on an iPhone 4 running iOS6. This has only recently started happening.

I've tried reinstalling but that hasn't worked,

same here...pretty lame for a $10/month service not to have working searches on their app.

Same problem here iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1 (10A525)


Problem only persists in album and artists list, NOT in track list. So this could be caused by the images in the list.

Yep me too.  Has been mentioned on a few threads now and seems to be on multiple iOS devices and versions.  Happens on ipod 3 and 2 iPhone 4's (fine on iPad).  Have tried the usual uninstall app, restart and re-install - still not working.


As usual no Spotify response on this forum.

I've got the same problem funny how there's never a problem taking my money, come on Spotify get it sorted !!!!!

Same problem here! iPhone5, 6.0.1. Totally unacceptable, I think. This bug came up with the update that removed the funktion allowing us to reorder tracks in playlists, didn't it.

Same problem here.  New Spotify mobile user, not happy!


EDIT: Have tried scrolling down really slowly to see if it was a problem caused by slow internet connection but didn't help.  If you scroll to the bottom of the list the whole list dissappears.  Very annoying.  

Actually, I tried buying a couple of gift cards the other day, using the same credit card my subscription is on, and I finally gave up and used paypal.  It would not accept my payment for the life of me.


Believe it or not, they even have problems taking my money sometimes.



I am having the same problem. Latest ios 6 and on 4s. I wish they would fix this . I contacted the customer support about it. I got a generic reply advising me to look on the forums. Well I am looking at the forums and so should they. Sort it out.

This same thing has been happening to me as well. Also an iPhone 4 but running iOS5. Would like this to be fixed since I pay for the service but cannot fully use it. Reinstalling has not worked for me either.



schoolboy error


how the FCUK can you let this happen? 


get your finger out and do something!!!!!!!!


one PISSED off customer


iphone 5 running IOS 6.0.1

Hi everyone - Thanks for your posts. Just wanted to pop a note here to say we're looking into this. As soon as I've got an updated I'll post it here. 


In the meantime, the more info we have the better. If you haven't already, please let us know the following:  


My iPad/iPhone model

Eg. iPhone 3G, iPhone 4S, The New iPad, etc.


Device’s Operating System

E.g. 3.1.1, 4.1,5.1.1, 6.0.1, etc.


My mobile Spotify version

E.g. 0.5.9

Thanks Meredith

iPhone model: 4S

Operating System: 6.0.1

App version:

Thanks Meredith.

iPhone 5
iOS 6.0.1
Spotify app version 0.5.9
I pay $9.99/month

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