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Battery drain while using spotify connect

Battery drain while using spotify connect

I am using spotify connect functionality a lot. 10 hours and above of continuous playing is nothing special. I don't know if this particular information is useful, but the "wi-fi speaker" I am using is Yamaha R-N500 amplifier - Spotify integration on this device really sucks by the way - auth errors, playback stop after each song, music not playing on first try, etc. - you should be ashamed guys.


Anyway, I'm igniting the music playback via PC or iPhone. Recently I've noticed that if I play the music by the phone, then it's battery will drain soon (even though it actually does not play music, it actually does nothing in such scenario).


I have done a little research and I'am pretty sure that it is caused by the integration of Spotify app and iOS's volume control mechanism. Few versions ago, when music was playing by spotify connect and the application was running in background, pressing volume buttons would not cause change in the volume of external device (the one playing music). Now it does, and since this feature has been introduced battery drains.


Battery does not drain, when I play the music and stop the application so it does not run in the background (obviously). Most importantly, if the application is running and connected to spotify connect device, both phone speakers are constantly turned on. To be more specific, their amplifiers are constantly turned on which can be recognized by audible hissing heard in quiet environment.


  • If the application is in freground/background, not connected to spotify connect device, and the music is not playing - no hissing.
  • If the application is in freground/background, connected to spotify connect device, and the music is playing on external device - hissing.
  • If the application is in freground/background, connected to spotify connect device, and the music is paused - hissing.

Last point is my favourite. The hissing sound is present both if the phone is active and when the screen is locked and dimmed. This behavior is reproducible.

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I've checked and it is the same when music is playing on desktop pc, and application is running on iPhone. So.. fix it, maybe?

I have the same receiver (RN-500) and I am not facing the same issue like you (stops after each song etc.) try to load the most up to date firmware. The only issue I have is with two spotify accounts. Me and my wife have two spotify accounts, when I play a music on the RN-500, stop and later she wants to play something over it, spotify app does not offer (or takes time) the RN-500 device for connection. 


Secondly I have the same issue with battery drain. I normally listen to Spotify on desktop which turns on the app on the phone (LG G4) and then the battery runs out fast (7hours). It is caused by spotify for sure, because it does not leave the phone in deep sleep mode. 

In the topic of the amplifier issues - actually I have checked everything I can. Starting from firmware update, my home network configuration, firewall configuration, and different DNS servers. No other network services provided by RN-500 have similar issues, so I belive its the issue with the spotify component.

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