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Bug when editing queue

Bug when editing queue






iPhone XS

Operating System

iOS 13.2.3


My Question or Issue

When editing the queue it will only work when dragging a track further down. When attempting to drag a track up the queue the screen will just look like it is scrolling. The song will still have the same spot in the queue.

I was unable to upload a video of it for some reason (I even converted it to mp4 and yet it still would not accept it). I, therefore, uploaded it to YouTube. It can be found here:

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Hey @Markusbech, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

If you're having the same issue as the user here, I'd suggest adding your +VOTE and details in the thread.


Thanks 🙂

I am also having a very similar problem. I can barely edit my queued songs without the app crashing. It is very annoying because I always edit my queue and have been having problems since i’ve changed my phone to an iphone 8.

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