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Copy Link / SMS Sharing no longer plays specified song

Copy Link / SMS Sharing no longer plays specified song

Up until recently (perhaps 6 weeks or so), I had been using the SHARE tools to send links of specific songs via the COPY TRACK LINK function. This generated a short link (for example: which could then be pasted directly into an email or SMS message. Clicking the link then took the user directly to the specified track for them to play on Spotify.


This was such a great feature because no one could ever tell (just from the link) which song was being sent (awesome for playing Spotify Roulette or Lyric Battling).


Recently, however, this functionality has changed and now sending a COPY TRACK LINK, or even using the SMS Sharing tool (which also uses the same link, but adds in the Artist and Track info to your message) no longer starts playing the specified song. Instead, the user is directed to the ALBUM wherein they need to be told which track to play (presumably using the extra info generated in the SMS Sharing).


Is this a bug, new feature, or some short coming from iOS? I would love to be able to send (anonymous) specific tracks again with the simple COPY TRACK LINK URL, thanks!

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Yeah, this is really annoying.


Share>Copy Track Link just generates a link to the track's parent album (which completely misses the point of sharing an individual track).


Any word on a fix? Or is this just a ploy to ringfence track-sharing so it only works within Spotify, from user to user? 😞

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