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Downloading music on Apple Watch

Downloading music on Apple Watch

Hey folks!

Here's a few tips & tricks to share about downloading music from Spotify on your Apple Watch! - If you're looking to get started, check this out!


Not seeing the 'Download to Apple Watch'-button yet? Make sure your Spotify app is up-to-date the Spotify app is installed on your Apple Watch as well! 

To download music, you'll need a Apple Watch Series 3 or newer on watchOS 6.0 or higher (7.1 or higher is recommended).


Want to download Liked Songs? Just add them to a playlist and use the steps from this page to download them to your Apple Watch. 


Downloads keep stopping? Make sure your Apple Watch is on and the Spotify app is open on your Watch. After a bit of time, your Apple Watch might suspend the app if you're not using it actively so be sure to keep it in focus.


Downloads not working? Your Apple Watch battery might be a bit too low to download. Make sure your Apple Watch is charged or on a charger to start downloading. 


Want to check (the status of) your downloads? On your Apple Watch, swipe right to Your Library and choose for 'Downloads'. There you should be able to find everything you've downloaded and the status of your downloads.


Got any more tips to share? Post them here!


If you're looking to get help with downloading music from Spotify on your Apple Watch, create a new thread on the iOS Help-board.

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Hey everyone,


From the comments here, we can see that many of you experience different types of issues.


In order to avoid potential confusion we've summed them up below.


Keep in mind that there is a limit of songs per playlist (50) that you can download on the watch. If you try downloading a playlist that contains more than 50 songs, issues might occur. In order to avoid that, you can divide the songs in to different playlists.


In case you've added new songs to a downloaded playlist, you'll need to redownload the playlist to your watch so the new songs can be included.


If you try downloading a playlist and it gets stuck at the first song, we recommend that you follow the steps under the Status Update in this thread.


If you've downloaded a podcast episode or a playlist and you can't play them, you can give the steps below a go if you haven't already. In most cases they resolve such issues:

  • Restart the watch
  • Re-pair the watch with your phone
  • Reinstall the app on the watch
  • Reinstall the app on your phone
  • Try a different internet connection

If you still experience one of the above mentioned issues or another type of an issue, you can write in the relevant Help Board. That way we can look into them separately.


Be sure to also check out @Hubo's tips and tricks regarding this feature.



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Just give us the feature already...

Any timeline for when the feature will roll out to those that don’t have it yet?

Announced in May - “Available Now!” Mid June and it’s still not available. For a company that does only one thing Spotify sure does move slowly

I jumped the gun and canceled my Apple Music subscription for this…

I have had spotify premium for years, new apple watch, all apps and versions of iphone, watch and spotify are up to date.   When I hit the 3 dots on my iphone spotify app today - no apple watch download option.  Should I continue to be patient and wait for the option to roll out to me or am I missing something?   It's been over a month since the release... I have to be missing something...

It’s almost been a month since Spotify announced this being available…still not working on a fully updated iWatch 6 paired with an iPhone Pro Max 12 running Spotify version

Need an ETA even if its pessimistic!!!! Better to underpromise and over deliver than overpromise and under deliver.

It is also not available in Germany.
Let's just wait a little longer. 1-2 years maybe?


Streaming to the Apple Watch also bugs around so hard. We just need the offline feature.

Hey folks!


Thanks for posting this here. This feature is still rolling out. Hopefully it’ll be on your Apple Watch soon. Hang tight!


Have a great day,


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Appreciate you have to toe the party line, but soon is relative. Is there an actual estimate for when this will be released? Or some information about what the hold-up is?


It was "in the coming weeks" over a month ago, so I'm sure you can appreciate that "soon" doesn't really help.

has anyone even seen this offline listening feature worked on their Apple Watch?  i'm with others on this thread.  it's been almost a month since this feature was announced and still nothing.  Ugh...

I love Weekends that starts with a good news 🙂



Nice. Is this on your iPhone? Did you receive an email or notification from Spotify on this? Enjoy and let us know. Thanks.

My downloading status stuck (it shows 1 out of 50 downloading forever). It remain like that even when I connect the apple watch to the charger

No push not email. Juste that splash screen when i launched the iPhone app

Hi there folks,


Thank you for your posts in this thread.


We suggest that you always keep your OS and app up to date.


@3nwqfk1tjpkg5ao - can you try to unpair the watch with Spotify and then connect it again? Another useful step to try is to perform a clean reinstall of the app. This will make sure there's no old cache files causing this.


Just to confirm, do you see the option to download music offline? If you do, can you send us a screenshot so that we can have a closer look directly from your end.


We'll be on the lookout for your replies.


Take care!

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Live, love, laugh and listen to music 🙂

Any idea when people can actually expect this feature and not a pretty press release for the tech blogs to salivate over? It's finally summer in the northern hemisphere, and I'd sure like to be able to use this app that I pay for instead of having to jump between a few other deeply inferior apps...

iphone12, ios 14.6, spotify
apple watch series 6, watchos 7.5

Hi folks! 


Thanks for reaching out about this. 


We can confirm that this feature is going to be officially implemented. However, it's still being rolled out to all users. We can't commit to a specific timeline for this to be completely rolled out. 


In this case, we suggest that you keep the app up to date.


Hope this clears things up. If you have any questions, just let us know. 

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