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Downloads removed completely at random.

Downloads removed completely at random.

I'm running sptify premium on an iPhone 7 32gb. Newest update on both my phone and app. I have most of my library downloaded, mostly a few playlists and lots of albums to listen to while I work delivery so I don't kill my data. Only recently did it start this issue.  I have downloads set to only wifi and my LTE turned off entirely for spotify so it basically only downloads and searches on wifi. 


Randomly I will notice it downloading songs when I open the app. Sometimes it will be one or two songs, but yesterday it was over 100 and yesterday it was around 50 and the same today. It is not a matter of accidental removal myself or a download button turned off. It is completely random within playlists and albums. A few songs will be removed from a downloaded album and unavailable offline. 3 or 4 in a few random albums and in others a trail of 10 could be missing. This is completely random, and the strange part is that I don't need to go back manually and re-download the songs that un-downloaded. The app does all of this entirely by itself. 


Download limit is not an issue. I only have around 2700 songs just saved in my library, and only around 2/3 of that is actually downloaded. I am aware that the download limit is 3,333 songs, so this makes no sense at all. 


Somebody please provide insight, I've researched and couldn't find anything. I'd like to avoid removing the app and having to go back in manually to re-download songs. I'm wondering if it is my phone too because it has been acting up on its own, but thats a different topic. 



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I'm having this same issue too! I have 256 GB iPhone 8+ with latest iOS and Spotify update. I only have a handful of playlists saved. 

I have deleted the app and reinstalled and it is still re-downloading songs and playslists that have been saved previously, some have been saved for at least over a year since they are my main playlists so also not sure why all of a sudden they are having this issue.


EDIT: I've just tried going into my account settings as I have seen another post that said sometimes your phone can duplicate itself as an offline device and cause issues. I've remove both listings for my phone which does unfortunately un-download all my playlists but so far I haven't had the issue come back up (fingers crossed) you can access the setting here:

Same problem for me since a couple of weeks ago.

I had this problem regularly when I had an Android phone. Hundreds of downloaded tracks would disappear and would have to be downloaded.  I never found out whether it was that Android version of the app has a bug, or because storage was on SD card.

Since switching to iphone one year ago, the problem completely stopped.

Until two weeks ago.

Now, I am having to re download a lot tracks (was 500+ on one day) EVERY DAY.

Regarding the advice that is typically proposed to try deleting the app - that NEVER EVER worked with Android (and I did it a few times).  And all offline music has to be redownloaded.

The delete-reinstall-redownload 'fix' is just plain BS. 

Spotify obviosuly **bleep** something with a recent update (a lot of users are having the same problem) and Spotify need to fix and update the app.

Hey folks, thanks for your reports!


That's not cool! Your downloads could have been removed due to several reasons. I recommend taking a look here for more information as to what could've happened. Let me know if you have any questions.


Thanks, hope you're having a lovely day!  🙂

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I read the info at the link. Does not help.

Frankly, this is a significant issue  (sudden since recent app update, many users reporting it) and I hope this isn't going to be like it was on Android : no real help or acknowledgement of the issue (just time-wasting suggestions to delete-reinstall, links with no actual resolution). 

This is now a problem EVERY DAY and if it persists I am done with Spotify.

This is definitely no help. Several other users experience this. Spotify
needs to fix it in an update because it didn't happen before the last
couple updates. It is completely random and not the result of a setting I
have or something a user did. It is entirely up to Spotify to fix because
it is an internal issue.

So, this is my problem too. 


I think an update is a solution. I will try remove my phone from offline devices, delete the app and download all my songs again. 


Don’t think this will help, at least I can try this. 

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