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Extreme reverts to HQ


Extreme reverts to HQ

Hi, did the iPhone update today but every time I select extreme it just reverts back to HQ

167 Replies

I have problems to spell Woman LOL

I have gotten replies about this from several Spotify employees. A fix should be coming soon. Once the fix is submitted, Apple has to review it just likes it does for every other app. Then, it might take about a week for Apple to push out the fix to users of the app. 

MattSudaSpotify Star
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You have got some answers 


Is that the way spotify should answer my and all others questions ?



Thanx for the tip 🙂

Spotify has been saying a fix is coming for about 2-3 weeks now.

I wonder when the fix will actually be out?

I don't think I can wait much longer. LOL!

MattSudaSpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

If there was a problem taking our money they would fix it in about 2 seconds. Come on spotify please fix this & all the other bugs with the app or are you just content to take our money and bye bye

Fix it!

i am not able to sync my playlists on my ipod touch at extreme quality, only high. I have premium.

Any update? Reported in Feb and it's practically April. C'mon guys, this isn't good enough.

Nope no updates, I cancelled my subscription for the time being, and would recommend everyone else to do the same, should give them a kick in the balls to do something about it.

Yes, everyone cancel their subscription, I did too.


All they care about are their bank balances!

I did too

Esto es una vergüenza, llevan semanas con este problema en la aplicación y nadie se digna a dar una fecha aproximada para la solución. Yo pienso que Spotify para dar un buen servicio al cliente tendría que intentar solventar este tipo de problemas lo más rápido posible,  a demás de que en este caso aumentar la calidad de las reproducciones en dispositivos móviles es una característica muy a favor para su servicio. Por otro lado yo quiero creer que Spotify tiene un equipo de ingenieros a los que no debería costarles tanto trabajo solucionar un problema de este tipo, por lo tanto creo que en dos semanas como máximo (teniendo en cuenta las exigencias de Apple) esto debería haber estado solucionado.


PD: También me daré de baja si esto continua así.

Really smart. Let's take their money away used for development so they can develop better. Why don't you amputate your foot the next time your foot hurts?

The problem is not resolved! I removed this "Solution" from topic. Please do not click "Mark as Solution" when post isn't it.

Not taking any money away from them, just not giving them any ^_^

Spotify has said they will be updating it soon to fix this issue but I personally don't know why reports this so Spotify can be pressured into fixing this issue that's been for months now.
Mendoza, Victor

Hey Spotify users, hope everyone is enjoying this incredible music serivce or at least please with it because I'm not. Not after the last update months ago for the iOS app which supposedly brought "320kbps" or "Extreme" as they call it onto to the app. However, every time the user switches from HQ to Extreme, it goes right back to HQ if the user terminates the app by closing it from the multitask bar or if the app is on stand by for a certain period of time. Rest assure that deleting the app and re syncing all your music while having Extreme on will do NO good because it will go back to HQ quality. Yet I saw other post about this issue and no Spotify representative replied to all the comments which are about 14 pages long. Some say that they have spoke with Spotify staff members and that are working on and update which should be out in 2-3 weeks but that was said a month ago. If you ask me, Spotify only takes care for Its own wallet. Some have even cancelled their subscriptions which I personally won't but highly encouraged to do so. Why should free users that can only use Spotify on their desktops with ads, should be allow to listen to 320kbps songs while Premium users that pay $9.99 or £9.99 for no ads, unlimited music, and offline mode, should only be listening to HQ music on the go?
Mendoza, Victor

Well after a few days I have had a reply from Spotify Support:



Thanks for getting in touch with us here at Spotify!

Thanks for letting us know - we'll look into this right away and get you syncing in extreme asap!

In the mean time - please stay tuned to our blog where we'll announce any updates first

you can find this at


Kind Regards,


Spotify Customer Service - Cambridge

If I'm not in, anyone else on our dedicated Spotify team can read my notes and help you.



Not a particularly confident or usefull reply - I will follow this up in a couple of days..



The silence is truly deafening. A quarter of a year has now passed since this faulty update.

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