Extremely slow to download offline playlists on iOS

Extremely slow to download offline playlists on iOS


I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1.4. I used to be able to download playlists for offline listening and a song would download in about 10 seconds. Now, whenever I try to download a new playlist it is EXTREMLY slow - I'm talking 5-10 minutes for ONE song. I have a 100 megabit cable connection and anything else I download on my iPhone or my computer works fine so there is no issue with my Internet connection. It just occurs with Spotify.


It really seems that this may have become an issue since the last update as I never used to have any trouble until after the update. As this issue makes offline playlist virtually unusable, I hope it is fixed soon.

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I have the new ipad running ios 9.2.1, and downloading offline playlists is painfully and extremely slow. Mi internet connection is good, and more important, I have an Android phone, and the same playlist syncs extremely faster on it. I have nearly 1250 songs to sync, and the Android phone does sync them in about one night. The ipad however syncs just 8 to 10 songs during the same time (one night!!!). In 4 weeks of trying hard I just got only 10% of my songs synced.

I tried all this things to improve the sync speed:

- log out and then login again: a couple of times improved speed for just 4 or 5 songs was achieved, but that's it, again the ultraslow speed.

- deleted all offline data from my ipad and tried to download again

- deleted the app and installed it again

None of this worked. It is extremely frustrating, as I am paying the premiun service, and in apremium device such as new ipad it is useless for offline use. A serious response from the Spotify customer service would be highly appreciated. I could not find it so far.


Same problem .. EXTREMELY slow download for offline listening. iPhone 6s. High speed internet connection (79 Mbs down / 38 up). OS 9.3.2

This is so frustrating. I have the same issue and from the looks of things Spotify have no intention of actually fixing this. People have had the same problem since 2012 and posted it on the community but to no avail.

On my Samsung phone my 1200 song playlist can be downloaded overnight but on my iPhone it only downloads a few songs then stops!

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