How do I get rid of an inbox notification???


How do I get rid of an inbox notification???


Can someone please let me know how to get rid of the notification for new inbox items once I've seen them and/or played them????


I'm using the Spotify app for iOS on my iphone, and when my girlfriend sends me a song to my inbox, I get a notification badge show up on the app itself from my iphone home screen.  When I open the app and go to my inbox, the song she sent is there with a blue dot beside it, just like on the desktop version of Spotify.  But, on the desktop version, when you click the blue dot, the notification goes away and it's no longer considered a new message.  That function doesn't seem to be there in the iOS app.  When I try to click the blue dot, the song begins to play, or I can swipe to get the option to delete, but that deletes the song from my inbox altogether.  


All that said, the product of all of this is that the red notification badge on the app button off the home screen never disappears.  It's annoying to see notifications popping up on my homescreen that I can't get rid of.  I've gone to the desktop version of Spotify and tapped the blue dot there, so that the song is no longer considered new to the inbox, and on the desktop version this gets rid of the notification, but even then the iOS app still shows the old notifcation from that same song.  And that is true even after force quittting the app.


So, any solution?  I'd greatly appreciate it.




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Closing and reopenning worked for me too, thank God. What a terrible, low tech way to get rid of a notification though, I must say. Good job Spotify.

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I am also having the same problem, but only recently.


I'm using Spotify on Iphone 5.  My notifications have always disappeared after I've played the song, but it seems like since I downloaded the latest Spotify app update, or the ios6 update my notifications are not disappearing.  Not sure if either update has something to do with it.


Would love to hear an answer!


I received the following response from Spotify:



Thanks for contacting Spotify.  I’m sorry to hear you have been experiencing some difficulties

Fear not, we have just released a new iOS update in the last 48hrs.  This includes many hot fixes for bugs that were present in the release a week ago.  Can you perform a clean reinstall with this version.  This should resolve the problems you have been experiencing.

You can install the new Spotify app to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in one of three ways, none of which will cost you a penny.

1. Using the App Store directly within the device. This is the easiest way.
- Open the App Store application
- Search for "Spotify"
- Install the Spotify app.

2. Using Safari within your device.
- Open the safari app
- Go to
- Press the link "install the Spotify application"
- After you have been directed to our app in App Store press the "free" button in the upper right corner and then press it again to

3. Download the Spotify app to iTunes, and sync to your device.
- Go to iTunes Store
- Open iTunes
- Press the "get more apps" button and search for Spotify
- Connect your iphone and sync the apps. Make sure that your other apps are synced to your iTunes so that it doesn't remove anything from your phone.



I'm not sure why a clean reinstall is necessary.  Launching App Store does not indicate that I need any updates.  Because I don't feel like deleting and having to resync my songs I don't feel like trying this method.  If you do, and it works, please let me know :).

Sorry guys but a total clean install DOESN'T work.... Felt like guinea pigging this (even though I have a good few gigs of tracks installed) shouldn't of bothered... It doesn't fix it - come on spotify - this is only a recent annoyance !!


Can anybody from Spotify please address this?  This is still an issue.  My inbox notifications just continue to grow. 



Just delete the song from the inbox. On the iPhone you press on the song and swipe to the left.

And what if you want to delete the song but just mark the song as unlistened? (which is my case)

I would like to keep the songs my girlfriend sends me.


What I do is star the song and listen later. If I like the song I put it in a playlist if not I unstar it.


You should be able to remove the notification on your inbox by clicking on the blue dot on the new track. 


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Hi All


Update, after months of this problem i have found a solution thats worked for me....... weirdly if i open my Mac spotify app and play the track there and then play it on my iphone it clears the notification....


Dont know why but it seems my Mac is in control of my inbox notifications for all my IOS devices (inc ipads etc)


I do not want to play the song in the notifications so how do i get rid of it? (for crying out loud not even close to what i would listen to...why are u pushing these things, so not cool spotify)...and i just realized this is not in the correct place - not for i phone for the computer


Please can someone advise why I can't get rid of my messages and the red light indicating there is a notification?

I really need to get rid of the messages on my mac and there is no way of doing this.




There is no way to delete messages at the moment. Not sure if it was a design hiccup or oversight. The notification indicator should clear when you select it.


btw nothing happens when I press on the song and swipe to the left.... 😕 


Please help me find a way to delete a message. There is no blue dot...!


It's often a good idea to browse a thread quickly, especially a short one like this,  before adding a question. It can save a lot of typing  🙂


Hello.  Not sure about the phone app, but on the PC version, I couldn't get rid of the new message icon but then I just closed and reopened spotify and it went away! 🙂


OMG. the last response did it for me.


Quite intuitive.. 'close app and restart to clear new message notifications'




You're welcome.  For the record, this is the very first time I have ever posted any answer on a forum and have had it actually help someone.  I feel like I should have a party now or something.  Glad I could help someone.  It makes up for everything else. 


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Closing and reopenning worked for me too, thank God. What a terrible, low tech way to get rid of a notification though, I must say. Good job Spotify.

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