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I can't log onto my spotify iPhone app

I can't log onto my spotify iPhone app

I'm having trouble logging onto my Spotify account through my iphone app. I keep getting a message that my user name or password is wrong. I have changed my password twice. Anyway to get the issue resolved?
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Hay, im cannt open from my app, i used iphone, im already resert the password twist, need yiur kind support for resolve this problems, thanks

I actually have the same problem except on Android and it won't let me login and I seen the solution but that is not on my phone each time I logging CORRECTLY it says there was a problem logging in wrong password or username however I know that it's the correct password...anyone know how to fix this?


My login is also not working on Android. I have done it correctly and changed the password three times and still it refuses to work. This is quite annoying 

Also having the same problem I've tried every piece of advice but nothing works 


Same issue this morning.. unable to login. Either the username or password is incorrect.


Web login works fine, I am using an Android.


I tried:

1. Reset password, from both we interface and via App.

2. Removed connected phone via web interface.

3. Cleared data on the phone.

4. Rebooted the phone after each step above.


What did work was uninstalling the Spotify Application on the phone and reinstalling.




The same thing is happening to my Android. I tried typing in both my email and my username and I already changed the password.....

Yea,  it's not working. I'm done with this app.

Hi Tigerlily,

Try removing, and reintalling Spotify.

This worked for me.


same problem 

cant seem to be able to fix it

What about mine? I got cloudfone GoSP wherein spotify is already pre-installed. I have my password changed and even if I entered it correctly and tried my user name instead of my registered email, nothing works. I am still in the log-in page instead of proceeding to the menu list.         

I just can't log into app but I can log into the website 

Nope put my username and password correct got nothing. Spotify sucks and they expect me to pay them.

I can’t log in to Spotify with my iphone and it says,you can only use Spotify abroad for 14 days!

How can i return it back ?? by the way i use it for free! If i go to premium,can i return my account back ?? 

I still can't login on my app. It's telling me that my username or password is wrong. I changed my password and still can't login.

I had the same problem, I tried log in with username only, reset password etc, nothing helped. I am in a different country, then I reset the country name in my account and it works now. 

Same issue in Android. 


Have tried ALL solutions.


Uninstall, reinstall.

Reset password

Tried username, email address, abbreviated email address ... the lot.

Always stays on same log in screen. Doesn't say incorrect details. Just goes nowhere...

I’ve changed the password twice, tried everything that the community suggested and still can’t log into the app on my iPhone 8.... please help. We FINALLY got Spotify in South Africa and now I can’t log in.... aaaaaaargh! Help!

Same problem as others.. I’m on an iPhone X, and in California so definitely not a access issue.. Spotify, are you listening?

Why is my account showing that is a free account and I am paid up for premium

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