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IPAD - latest version -- constant crash

IPAD - latest version -- constant crash

I am a premium user.  I put together a fairly high-end system to connect my iPad into my home entertainment system.  Having done that, I can't get Spotify to run for more than 5 minutes on my iPad.

Very frustrated.

I will not renew my service if this is what I can expect.

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I think it might due to the recent update.

Pertaining your issue, that seems like it shouldn't happen given what you’ve described (I've tried on my end and it works perfectly fine), I guess your music cache is corrupted, kindly do a clean reinstallation following the steps below:

Click into your Spotify App -> Logout from Spotify (Spotify app Settings -> Logout) -> [If you are on premium and have songs that are on available offline, click here: and remove all devices -> Go to iPhone Settings, General, Usage and Delete the app -> Go to App Store and download the Spotify app again.

Also clear off Safari’s Cache under iPhone/iPad Settings > Safari and Clear all of the caches.
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