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Lecture de titre à la suite et file d'attente problème

Lecture de titre à la suite et file d'attente problème

Bonjour, quand je lance par exemple la lecture d'un titre dans une playlist et que je veux écouter celui d'après (même beug si je suis en aléatoire), le morceau qui suit si je passe et un de ma "file d'attentte" ce qui est très dérengeant. Je ne peux pas écouter de playlist en aléatoir car à chaque morceau écouté, celui d'après est un de la file d'attente. Je suis sur un Iphone 6. Si quelqu'un à la solution je suis preneuse.




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J'ai également le même problème depuis ce matin.

Avez vous eu une solution ?


Hey folks,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this - we hope you don't mind us replying to you in English.


From what we could understand, the issue has something to do with the next song playing.


Do you mind giving us some more details about the issue in question - perhaps you could provide us with some steps to reproduce?


If you could also provide us with screenshots which illustrate the issue you're describing, that would be really useful.


Thanks - keep us posted!

Hello, I'm french so sorry for my english, I'm a bit rusty.

It's not only an iOs issue actually.
When I want to play my "liked songs", spotify plays them randomly, even though the shuffle mode is unchecked. It plays random songs from the queue instead. I've never added anything in the queue tho, and if I remove a song from the queue, another appears instead.
I just wanted to play all my liked songs by title to sort them, and it's absolutely impossible. Spotify goes crazy.

And it's the same thing on the comments above, except it's also with the other playlists.
Thanks !

moi aussi j’ai le même problème avec mon Spotify. Est-ce que tu as trouvé une réponse pour que nos chansons suivent notre liste ? 
merci beaucoup 

Yo. J'ai la solution. Il faut que tu ailles dans ta file d'attente, et que tu scroll vers le bas et cliquer sur un des morceau après le message "prochain titre venant de: titre liké" et tu reviendras a ta playlist tranquille!

Hey there folks,


thanks for sharing your info and solutions with the Community!


We recommend you try performing a clean reinstall of the app first of all. You can find instructions in this support article. Also make sure you restart your phone once this is done.

Another thing to lookout for is that the shuffle button  is disabled. You can check this in the now playing view. If the button appears green - click it to turn it off.


Lastly, disable the Autoplay function: 

  1. Tap Home .
  2. Tap Settings .
  3. Under Playback, scroll down to Autoplay and switch it on (green) or off (gray).

Let us know if this helped. If not, you can attach a screen-capture video of what's going on on your device to your next post so we can look into it 🙂


Have a great day!


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