Local File Issues


Local File Issues






(iPhone 6S and MacBook Pro early 2015)


Operating System

(iOS 12.1 and macOS High Sierra 10.13.6)


I have downloaded two songs in .mp3 format and they have transferred from my files on my MacBook to my local files on Spotify.  The songs show up on the playlists I have added them too on my MacBook app, however, they do not show up on the iPhone app.  I am able to "play" the songs on my iPhone but only if start playing them from my MacBook and then listen to them on my iPhone.  If I try and add the songs from there it is okay and then move them to a playlist the "this song is a duplicate" message pops up but the songs cannot be found on my iPhone.  Both the apps are up to date, MacBook and iPhone are up to date, I have logged out and restarted both the apps and the MacBook/iPhone respectively, the wifi they are connected too is the same, but still nothing.  The only thing that I find odd is that there is a grey (white?)  circle with a downwards facing arrow next to these two local file songs but I cannot click it (pic included).  Any help would be much appreciated (and hopefully this is not a lost cause).

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 02.18.49.png
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