Local Files on Mac won't play on iOS

Local Files on Mac won't play on iOS

I just upgraded my phone to an iPhone 7, and I have just downloaded all my playlists to stream offline, and when I look through all the tracks in the playlist, the all have the green icon that indicates that the track is downloaded and ready to play offline. However, none of the tracks that I have in my playlists that are local files on my Mac are playable on my phone. They all have the green icon suggesting that I should be able to play them (also the track name and artist name are NOT grayed out like they usually are when a track is unavailable) but none of them are playable. When I press one of the tracks to play them the app just opens up a blank player with no info. I can choose the track on my phone and select it to be played on my mac, but it will never play them if I have selected "this phone" as my device. I did everything correctly when I downloaded the tracks (had my phone and mac connected to the same Wi-Fi and everything), and all those local tracks worked fine on my previous phone (iPhone 6s)

Any help would be much appreciated!

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I am on iOS 10.0.2, and my Spotify app version is

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