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Low Volume Output on iOS recently (Spotify or iOS' fault?)

Low Volume Output on iOS recently (Spotify or iOS' fault?)

Recently, not this update but the previous one, I've noticed the overall volume from my Spotify app has changed to be significantly lower than usual. I can really tell in my car, where I blast my music – I normally keep my loudest volume at a 12 (stock Music app, Soundcloud, Spotify, etc.), but now I have to put it up to 15 or 16 to reach a similar level on Spotify. I never had the EQ turned on before, but now I have had to to beef up the sound a bit. I've tried deleting/reinstalling the app, checking all my levels, etc and cannot get back to where I was.


My question is, is this from a Spotify update or is this Apple/iOS messing with the sound quality as this happened immediately after Apple Music was announced? I am almost considering just signing up for their (trial) service to get my quality back to where it was, as I'm sure was the goal – if their radio feature is just as good, I don't see why not.


Thanks for any help / feedback.

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I believe that this is a spotify app issue. I have been having the same problems. 


It is usually very loud in my car on bluetooth but for some reason it randomly decreases the volume and even if I turn it all the way up, it's still not as loud as it should be. 


I sometimes can get the volume to return if I close all of the open apps (including spotify) and reboot the phone. 



How to solve on iOS version 7+ :


1) Swipe from Bottom Up

2a) If there is a button called "Airplay", then tap that and click "iPhone Speaker", then you're done!

2b) If "Airplay" does NOT show, then take this problem to Spotify Support. 

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I'll try this tomorrow when I'm back in the car - thanks!

Hey bt619. Ive had the same problem. Im usually playing music in my car through bluetooth also. The trend that I've noticed is that if you have opened Facebook recently, it lowers the  audio volume. Something to do with proloaded facebook videos. I normally just close the facebook app and my audio is back to normal. By close I mean double click the home button and slide up on fabook. Goodluck!

So, bringing up Control Center shows me that I am connected to my car's bluetooth. An AirPlay option only shows up if you are not connected to anything – otherwise that button switches to a connected device.




If I select 'iPhone Speaker' like you suggested, the audio literally only comes out of my iPhone's speaker – when I switch it back to Pioneer Navi, my car resumes but at still the same levels as before.




Thanks for the suggestion, I was hoping this would solve it!

This has been bothering me for awhile now, above advice 100% worked! Thanks so much!   🙂

This doesn't fix anything it just switches from whatever Bluetooth device we actually want to listen to over to the internal iPhone speaker.  Why would you even post this as a fix, I don't understand...  what am I missing here?  


Having same issues on IOS 10 with AirPods. Volume is literally all the way up and YouTube vids and sound effects and advertisements in games are all BLARING but Spotify volume is at a much lower volume.

So I was curious to see if I was the only one having this issue and then I read this.  Here's what's happening with me.  If I open Spoitify on my iphone the volume is totally fine.  When I open my Bejeweled Blitz program on my phone while Spotify is still running my volume decreases as soon as my bejeweled app opens.  So then I have to raise my phone volume a bit more.  So while I"m playing my game and listening to Spotify, IF I get a text message while doing so, the volume then becomes increasingly louder (as in normal volume) and it stays at that volume.  Weird huh?  But this is only happening while I"m playing Bejeweled Blizt.  If I"m playign another game or have another app open the volume does not decrease.  

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