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More Efficient Playlist Curation?

More Efficient Playlist Curation?

Has the ability to delete songs off of my playlists with a simple left swipe been considered?


My playlists can be pretty fluid and I like to add a bunch of songs at once and delete a couple songs later. Right now if I want to delete a song I have to hit the menu icon (three dotes) then delete the ONE song I want but I can't play another song while in edit mode to see if I want to delete that one or not. 


It would be awefully nice if I could just swipe left while playing songs and a 'delete' button would show. This would allow quick and easy curation of our playlists rather than having to enter an 'edit mode'. 



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This is a good idea!


You should post it on the ideas board here:


Doing so will allow other users to easily find your idea and add support to it, Spotify staff will be able to keep better track of it, and will be able to give you updates.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Just posted the idea over there. Seems like a simple solution to what I imagine is a common experience.

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