Music goes on pause continuously

Music goes on pause continuously







Operating System

IOS 12.01


My Question or Issue

Hello everyone,

it's been 2 days since when I play songs (even playlists downloaded to be listened to off line) Spotify pauses alone. Sometimes pressing play several times starts again, but today there was nothing to do. I disconnected the account, uninstalled the app, updated my iphone but nothing has changed.

I don’t think it is a internet connection problem.

Has it happened to someone else of you?

Thank you



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Hey @lully05.


Thanks for reaching out on the Community, and sorry for the late response! We'll be glad to help you out if you're still experiencing this issue 🙂


Would you mind trying to listen to music on the same device using a different account? It might be that there is an issue with the account itself.


In the meantime, I know you've already performed an uninstall, but would you mind restarting your device and performing a clean reinstall by following the steps outlined here? This can solve many common problems that our users experience.


Let us know how you get on!

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