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My spotify premium isn't working!!!

My spotify premium isn't working!!!

I recently paid $9.99 for premium and it isn't working. This is extremely frustrating. Please help!
53 Replies

Mine is the same how do you make it work?

Actually mine is working on my IPad. So I'm going to reinstall it on my phone and see if it works.

Hi, I'm getting the same, doesn't work on my recently formatted phone

I recently paid for the 3 months of premium 0.99 however it's not working, my account says I don't have premium however I got a message saying that the charge had been made, also when I try to pay again it says that I already have premium. I thought I would have to wait and it'll work but it's been a day and still nothing.

I purchased premium and it isn't working either. How do I fix this?

Then don't u lose all the music you've already downloaded on your phone??

Hi! Please help my spotify premium suddenly stopped working 😞 already on a spotify family premium member since april

Is it working after you reinstall it ? I do it on my phone it's still not working

My premium 30 days also didnt working 😞 why?

I recently used spotify gift card and everything was good for about an hour and then it stoped working and it says that i dont have premium. Please help

I'm having the same problem


Spotify make my **bleep** work **bleep**

I just subscribed to spotify premium about ten minutes ago, and online it said “you are premium.” Yet when I went on the mobile app on my phone and tried to test it out, it wouldn’t work. It kept telling me to go premium. I already did that!! Since it wasn’t working I unsubscribed. Anyone know what’s wrong??

It says Spotify premium does not work on this app


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