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New Your Library test (iOS & Android)


New Your Library test (iOS & Android)

Spotify is testing a new version of Your Library in the mobile app with select users. There is currently no way to sign up for this test without being invited, but we thank you for your interest. 


This thread is your go-to destination for asking questions, getting help for issues you may have, as well as to share your impressions and feedback on this new version of Your Library.


Note: Some of the screenshots shown might be slightly different than the latest version of the test


What's new?


  • See your entire collection in one simple list
  • Easy filters to find your favorites, faster
  • More control at your fingertips with a new grid view
  • Unified search allows you to search through your entire collection and see your recent searches
  • Faster settings navigation allows you to tap on your profile picture to get to settings faster


Here is a walkthrough of what's new:


One simple list:

Your Library is now one simple list. At the top, tap the filters to filter the content you want to see and tap on the sort options to change the sort order of the list.




Filter Options:

At the top, tap the filters to filter the content you want to see. Tap the X and then chose another filter to see another type of content. Having no filter selected will show all types of content in the list.


  • Playlists
  • Artists
  • Albums
  • Podcasts
  • Downloaded



Sort Options:

At the top, tap on the sort options to change the sort order of the list.


  • Most relevant
  • Recently played
  • Recently added
  • Alphabetical
  • Creator



New grid view:

Are you a visual person? You're in control. With the new grid view you can view Your Library with bigger artwork if that's your jam. This is great for when you're on the go or in the car so you can find what you're looking for faster. To switch to the grid view, tap on the squares icon to the right. Tap on it again to go back to list view.




New unified search:

The new unified search can be accessed by tapping the search icon in the top right. This new search allows you to quickly search through your entire library without having to go to a specific content section.




Recent searches:

The new unified search also shows you your most recent Your Library searches so you can quickly get back to what you previously searched for.




Note: Remember that this is a test and features may change during the new Your Library test. Features in this test might not end up being generally released. The purpose of this test is to gather feedback and help improve the new Your Library. Please read this help article for more information about Spotify feature testing.


The other Stars and I got the chance to test the new mobile Your Library first and now more users will be able to test it out and give their feedback to the team. If you are a passionate Spotify user and would like to join the Spotify Star Program and be part of cool experiences like this then check out this page.

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Completely agree.

Just cancelled my subsciption after nearly 2 hours on support chat trying to get reverted back to the old UI. Terrible from Spotify completely breaks how I use podcasts on the app!

"My Episodes" is a useless playlist that automatically appears without any mechanism to disable, and it is beginning to infuriate me. When I download a podcast episode, it automatically gets added to this list - this is useless because I can find my downloaded episodes in the "Downloads" tab and/or create a playlist for any podcast episodes I want to save. After I've listened to an episode, it remains in the "My Episodes" list. After I've deleted a download, it remains in the "My Episodes" list. The only way to get rid of this playlist I never asked for and have no use for is to individually delete each entry. 


Please get rid of this feature, or at least allow users to disable it. I can manage my downloads and playlists on my own. Spotify has introduced a solution without a problem, which has just become a problem itself. 

I know, this is so annoying. Not sure why anyone would think that a permanent fix on people’s screens that 90% of people don’t need and isn’t able to be removed was a good idea.


Edit: Okay just realized you can slide it to the side and unpin it, but auto pinning it is still annoying since obviously some people don’t pin stuff and didn’t know how to undo it.

I got the new UI there are 3 weeks ago, really like it! I'd like to share feedback here. While I was in a playlist, when I clicked to download it and came back to my library, I got that glitch over the iOS status bar.


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Update: it's gotten WORSE. Now when I remove an episode from the "My Episodes" playlist, it automatically un-downloads the episode! 

(On the Episodes tab, when I select the "down arrow" icon to download, the "plus sign" icon automatically turns into a green checkmark to indicate the episode has also been added to "Your Episodes." If I select the green checkmark, the "Add to Playlist" dialogue appears, and if I select "Your Episodes," I get a warning: "Remove this episode? You won't be able to play this offline. [Remove or Cancel]" In order to remove from the playlist but keep the file downloaded, I have to navigate to the playlist itself to remove....)


Stop the madness! Get rid of the automatic add feature OR get rid of the "Downloads" tab! Spotify needs to pick a single file storage / navigation system and stick with it. 

I dont like the change.

I always had free control over the organization of my Library, putting the ones I hear the most in the first; the ones I like, but I hear little, for the end, others I play for the end to find from the bottom up. In short I have a way to quickly find the various albums and playlists I own.


In this new update I can only choose the order that YOU want, not the order I want. 

Keep it the new changes but add the option of the client to organize the library itself.

i get that they should keep downloads and "my episodes" separate, but what they REALLY need to do is make podcast management more dynamic. you cant even organize your shows by genre. you cant even make a playlist that appears in the podcast section. for all the money they spend on the ringer and joe rogan, they really need to invest in the UX for podcasters


Not a fan of this new Your Library "view". I use Spotify to listen to podcasts. I am behind on listening to podcast episodes so have lots unplayed or partly played. But some are now NOT listed under the New Episodes section and under Unplayed. The problem seems to be if I have listened to most recent episode for a podcast, it does not show other ones I have not listened to

  • Exactly.  Completely unnecessary feature.  Keep it simple, Spotify.

I did not ask any questions about my spotify library !!

I asked no questions about my Library, if you had read my question you would know that ...

I recently updated my app and the new combined library is annoying. It's much easier to have the old "tab" based system with playlists, albums and artists separately rather than the new combined library where I have to filter everything.

When I click on Your Library from the Home screen, I immediately see all my albums. So far so good.


But when I click on any filter whatsoever, the list becomes empty. Be it Albums, or Downloaded, or both together, the list is empty. What am I missing here?


When I then unclick the filters, the list remains empty. The only way to get it back is to go again to Home and to click Your Library again.


With all the plethora of feedback and bugs posted here, I can't even tell if this behavior is a bug or a feature... Sure feels like a bug.


Any suggestion?

I have a question/suggestion. I turned off automatic updates in fear that this awful interface would roll out as a permanent update. But now I'm getting notifications that Spotify would like to update. If Spotify could be more specific about what's changing with updates that would be helpful. If I'm just missing a security patch or something, I'd obviously like that. But if/when the testing ends for this new my library view. . . well, I'd probably just stick with the previous version for as long as it halfway worked. Does that make sense? So I guess I'm asking two things - if this library thing is definitely on the way and could the update notifications be a little more specific?

Hey @Inudesu 


Usually features are coded into the app and then switched on for users server side so even older versions of the app could still have the feature as long as it's enabled on the server. It wouldn't make much difference whether you are using an older version of the app or a newer version except that you wouldn't have the latest fixes that the new version has. From time to time you will see visual changes but most of the time each app update includes bug fixes and improvements. It is recommended to keep your Spotify app up to date for the best experience.


For the latest Spotify news check out the Newsroom.

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Thanks for that information. So much for my brilliant plan. If these kinds of changes happen regardless of version, I guess I'm free to upgrade but potentially stuck with awful user interface changes I'd have got either way.

My only hope now is the almost universal pushback from this thread on these changes to the my library view. Fingers crossed.

Any insights on where this is at in  development? 

Hi - I like adding a filter (in my case I select ‘Album’ and ‘Downloaded’ - I use this all the time) however when I return to Spotify, it’s reset itself and I have to select those two fields again. It’s a bit annoying. Cheers.



Sorry to hear you are having trouble with the new Your Library.


Are you still having this issue?

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Hi there - yes, it’s still happening.

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