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In the last Spotify update on mobile they changed the library. You can no longer sort by custom like on your desktop. I understand that the addition of albums in the same section might be a problem but I don't like them mixed anyways. It should be no big deal to put the feature back into the app. And for me and possibly many others it would be super helpful. 

Previously played pods, which one did I listen to?


The Spotify app was recently updated within the last couple weeks and for some reason the identifier for whether or not you played an episode got way smaller and was turned gray, it's the basically smallest writing on the post. 


When I'm looking for something to listen to that's old, (JRE for example) there's barely anything that tells me I've listened to an episode before other than that small gray checkmark (there's no way you're seeing this if you're scrolling the list quickly).


The episodes that I can tell for sure I listened to, are the ones where I stopped the pod a minute before the end and it left a green bar under the pod title, at least now I know I actually listened to those all the way through.


Please add something (like you used to have a few weeks ago) to the episode titles that significantly show that they've been heard in the past, like, I don't know, maybe a big green over kill check mark that you use for "my episodes" (still don't understand the point of this, I just go to downloads, its the same list twice).

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Thanks for this. I guess I just have to wait for the newest update to be available so I can get my custom order back. I'm on Android and it's not updated yet. My custom order had all my playlists in categories, I really miss that! 

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I can't believe there's no way to opt out of this view.  PLEASE RESTORE MY ABILITY TO LISTEN TO RECENT PODCAST EPISODES PAINLESSLY!!!!

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I'm having the same problem on iPhone and it's incredibly frustrating

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I can't find my "New episode" section in this new library (Android). The other library was much better, but fixing this issue will be enough for me.

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Do you have any information about what is being tested? What I mean is whether they're testing user reaction (in which case it would have been helpful to tell me I was in a test group and give me a way to provide feedback other than me stumbling around in the dark until I found this thread) or is it a technical behind the scenes test (in which case I'm afraid the only data they're getting from me is that I'm logging out and back in multiple times a day in order to avoid this interface which can't be very helpful except as further proof of the kind of complaints about the user experience you'd want from the other kind of testing).
If there are actual Spotify technicians reading this, I'd actually love to help with testing (either kind) but I'd really rather know that I'm in a test group and have an official way to report back (if it's that kind of test) and a way to get out once I've done so (if I don't like it, obviously I'd love early versions of stuff I like).
This post confirmed that it's a test of some sort and I'm thankful for that. But why is this all such a mystery?

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This looks amazing! I hope it gets rolled out widely to both Android and iOS!

Podcast listing in "my library" must be arranged to show recent updated podcasts.


Podcasts in "my library" are no longer sorted by recently updated. This makes it virtually impossible to find updated podcasts without going through my entire library of podcast subscriptions. This is not acceptable UI for a podcast app. I am a premium subscriber, but this is a deal breaker for me. Please fix this issue or I will have to cancel my subscription. 

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Hello, is it possible to resign from this test? I'm about to delete my family account. 

Why is it not possible to get a page with the most recent added podcast episodes as it was in the normal version?? Without this feature Spotify is useless for me. And that's so sad because i used to love this app and was listening to spotify all day. Please put me back to the normal version. PLEASE 🙏