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The new update cause a problem with the CarPlay app. Now when you try to choose a song from Liked Song the app makes a random choice so you cannot actually listen the song you want...

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Thanks for posting about this and welcome to the Community!

Thanks, I did my first post here in 2014, but sure, welcome to you too!



I have a ton of playlists and my main list is nearly 5000 tracks, which I’ve been adding songs to since I first got Spotify. The playlist is literally over a decade old. And ever since the first commercial, I’ve been paying for Premium.

Your saved songs should now appear in a playlist called Liked Songs at the top of the Playlists section for fast access. It should have a purple background with a white heart as the playlist's picture. 

Like I said - I'm using the same playlist as I did over a decade ago. I don't use the "save" option or "Liked songs"-playlist. I have roughly 70 playlists that I'm using, and all of those tracks are exclusivly in my playlists. Not in "Saved Songs" or anything like that.


I’m beyond anger, like...WHY would you remove “Recently played” COMPLETELTY?!

You can still find your Recently Played songs, albums and playlists! They should appear on Home instead.

No, I can't.

If I'm offline (which I am very often), the only thing the home screen tells me is "No internet connection" - "Go online and try again".

- Not to even mention that the overview of "Recently" is limited from 7-8 playlists/albums at a time, on screen, to 2-3 playlists/albums.


AND AS IF THAT WASNT ENOUGH - I have over 70 playlists, all titled a certain way, for the only purpose of sorting them alphabetically, so that every single one of them is in the RIGHT ORDER. Now it’s not sorted by the name of the playlists, artists, date, NOTHING - it’s all just a big **bleep**ing mess.

To sort your playlists alphabetically, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Tap Your Library
  2. Tap Playlists
  3. Swipe down to view the filter bar:
  4. Tap Filters
  5. In the popup menu, select how you want your playlists to be sorted

Not finding "Filter" in the app was a bit sloppy of my. I guess my rage about the rest of the changes stripped my view. So thanks for clarifying that.

- Although, I can't find it on my Mac.


- Over all -

After trying out the app since the update 3 weeks ago, I gotta say I'm still just as negative as I was when I wrote the OP.

It feels slimmed down, but without any added efficiency. It's not faster in any way, and still a looot of loading time.

And when will you finally put the settings button in a place where I don't have to exit the playlist I'm browsing, to go there for change of equalizer, streaming quality (and the loudness/quality setting as well, that only find sometimes, for some reason) or whatnot.


Please bring us the option of using the old interface, or just change the whole frigging update. Becuase it really sucks.



Have a lovely day yourself!


Re: New iOS update June 2019

Casual Listener

Im glad i am not the only one that feels so passionate about this. 


Ive been trying to get use to the new update but I just really dont like it. 

Have no idea how this version could get approved. 


Shame i have to leave spotify, but its not that bad im sure il be back in a year or so when they hired some new engineers that can capture that connection we all had with Spotify that is now unfortunately gone.