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New version 1.x is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)


New version 1.x is unusably slow (ios 7, iphone 5)

Update 4/24: New build seems to be available on the app store with an apology in the app description... I'm still testing it out but many users here report the problem is solved.


Update 4/20: User named Matt Suda (mod?) has posted in this thread to expect an app update this week. No official word.


Update 4/07-ish: Spotify support says they are aware of the problem and "looking into it."



Spotify just upgraded itself to the newest 1.0 version on my iPhone 5 (iOS 7.1). The update renders the app unusably slow. After using it for several hours I had to revert back to the Apple Music app. Things I noticed:


- After augmenting a playlist (deleting a track, for example), the app is unresponsive for ~5 second.

- Clicking "Share" from the new popup menu renders the app unresponsive for ~5 seconds, and then executes several actions all at once.

- The (REV, PLAY, FWD) controls from the lock screen are unresponsive after the first command. Tracks take about 5-10 seconds to switch, and if I keep pressing FWD, for example, the requests seem to be queued, executing over the next minute at random times.

- Scrolling becomes slow / unresponsive. I must wait 5-10 seconds for scrolling in any list to be re-enabled.


Usability-wise I am unimpressed with the new search / discovery feature. I found it difficult to view all albums by a particular artist. I have to search, then scroll down to Albums, and then click on Albums to view all of them. Maybe there were more albums listed in the previous version?


Anyone else having these issues? The app is basically unusable at this stage, so I'm using the built in Apple Music app. Tempted to unsubscribe until the issue is resolved.


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New update version 1.1 is now out!
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You should now be able to update to v1.1 @Marieto2 from the App Store which brings some improvements.

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I have the same set up as you with the device, and everything. My client is butter smooth so you should try to: 

-First close the app. 

- Restart the device 

- Uninstall spotify then restart phone 

-At this point it's your phone's problem. 

- Back up your phone's data, and try a full restore of your iPhone on the computer with iTunes. 

- If this doesn't work you are going to have to contact Spotify Support directly. 

Same set up as you as well and I experienced the same problem with the lock screen, uninstalled spotify and re synced everything. Do you have local tracks mixed in a playlist with spotify tracks? I've found that that seems to be the issue causing the lock screen troubles for me at least

I have the same issue OP is describing since upgrading this morning. I am on an iPad 2. When I select a song in any playlist, turn my device off and then turn it on again to select another song the app is frozen for about 5 seconds after which it responds normally again. Just switching apps and switching back also causes this issue. it is very annoying to say the least.

If you're still experiencing problems after a recent update, resetting the device by holding Lock and Home for 10 seconds can often help.

i tried that to no avail. The freezing, however, does seem shorter but it is still no good. They better fix this ASAP.

Having the same problem as the original poster.

Spotify is very sluggish. Tried an iPhone restart and it helped but only for a couple of hours, then it became sluggish again.

The app also crashed two times.


Using latest iOS and iPhone 4S

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Same issue here.


Both in Iphone and Ipod. (ios7 and 6)


tried everything possible, fresh install,  hard reset and so on.


Lucky me, the app store reinstall to me first the old version and not directly the last one.


So I went back to


but I'm not paying 10€/month to use an old version.


Please fix it NOW.



I've got local mixed with Spotify streamed tracks and also have this issue on an iPhone 5 with 7.1, FWIW.

"- The (REV, PLAY, FWD) controls from the lock screen are unresponsive after the first command. Tracks take about 5-10 seconds to switch, and if I keep pressing FWD, for example, the requests seem to be queued, executing over the next minute at random times."


Yeah, this is rendering the app pretty much unusable on my end.  


iOS 7 (fully updated)

iPhone 5

*Restarted phone, no change.

*Did a soft reset, no change.  

I followed your instructions and can confirm that deleting and reinstalling spotify seems to fix the issue. As an iOS developer, this seems like a core-data migration issue. Maybe they changed some aspect of the database and neglected to include the proper migration/mapping model.


I will continue to experiment with syncing local tracks (the most important feature, IMO) and will reply with any further issues.



I'm having the same issue on my Ipod Touch 5th iOS 7.1. Spotify 1.0 is so slow sometimes I have to kill the app because it makes my ipod unusable. I wish I could go back to previous version. Please fix it!

I'm having exactly the same issue, the delay between skipping songs is almost unbearable. It seems they sacrificed function for form.

That is incorrect. It's not an error with the phones it is a software problem. My phone is new, and is on the first boot. It is still having the problem of delay between switching tracks. Spotfity need to sort it out.


Yeah just uninstall and reinstall (annoying!!!)


It did the trick for me, I have a 5s and it would lag real bad when changing songs eventually crashing.(had to stop myself from throwing my iPhone lol)


Not sure about resetting it, might help, but mine is working fine now.


Good luck y’all...



Same issue here.. 

I liked when Spotify was fast, now it has to do some loading when opening the App and after the latest update it is unusable!!


If they don't fix theese issues asap, im off

Have now factory default'ed the phone, installed spotify, but still same issue.. it takes several seconds to browse music

I also have this problem. The app is completely unusable, despite restarting, resetting and reinstalling. The correct song is not showing on lock screen, skipping is insanely slow and the app crashes regurarly. I have an iPhone 4S.

Don't be ridiculous stating this is a phone issue or that it will resolve by restarting. The update is a total waste for some and it's totally unacceptable for subscribing users. Fix this or advise how to downgrade until it's resolved!

Have the same issue, worked amazingly well before the visual update, after the update it works like garbage. I've also tried pretty much everything stated here. With no avail. I hope this isn't how they are going to test all of their major updates. Everything else on my phone works fine and only has been happening since the last update, so I know it's not the phone. 

Just got an answer from spotify support.

They have a team locking after this issue.


I really hope they can have it solved soon.





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