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No Album Covers in Offline-Mode

No Album Covers in Offline-Mode



since weeks i have a problem on my iPhone 6 with iOS 8.4 and the latest Spotify App.

Every Time i go to work i use Spotify and i only hear my offline Songs. i start wondering why it loads every cover again when i start the app First i thought it loads them from my Phone, after a few days i saw that spotify used about 100 MB per Day of my Cellular-Data even when i only listen to my offline Songs, the Problem was Spotify loads every Album-Cover from the Internet again and again and again.


I removed the app, restarted my phone  and load the app again. i sync all my offline songs and i hear a song with the cover just loaded over the Internet. i Close the App compleatly and go to Airplane mode and play the same song again but now without cover. Its the same song i played just a few seconds ago! It dosen't matter if i use airplane mode or go offline-Mode in Spotify or forbid the App to Use Celluar, when Spotify is offline i don't have a single Album-Cover.


Its really anoying and i am pretty sure that in the older Version of the App the Covers where on the Phone and wasen't loaded from the Internet every time i use the App.


i like Spotify but that would be a reason for me to switch to Apple Music, i can't pay for Spotify and a 3GB Data-Volume so Spotify can Load the Covers every day.


I hope you can help me.

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Hope they find a perm fix for this soon, but what I find works for most of the time, is right before I leave the house, I open spotify and play a song WHILE STILL CONNECTED TO WIFI, and just don't close the spotify app while out of the house. This has worked for me most of the time but is really annoying cause im used to clearing my multitasking apps constantly.


Hope I helped

Yeah that helps for some songs but not the hole Library.

And just as you said you can't close it from multitask.


Thats a huge Bug i don't know how it could possible that it only matters for like 2 people.

I also have this bug and it makes me think to switch to apple music or napster.

It looks like the album arts are stored in a temporary folder which gets cleared as soon as the app gets closed.

Insted, the album art of offline-songs should be stored in the same permanent folder like the offline songs, to be persistent even after app restart.


Please report this bug to the offical spotify support email to help get this fixed !

i reported that bug via Twitter, via Mail and here in the Community.

Nothing. The support itself dosen't know anything about its own App and Services and if i explain it to them they tell me i sould suggest that Idea an the Ideaboard. They don't even realise that its a bug not a idea i want to support.

Or and even worse they don't care about it. We are paying bug or not they not gonna lose many costumers because it seems to be a rare bug.


The last thing that i could try is to reset my hole iphone without restoring a backup, but thats not the plan for a simple bug that should be fixed by Spotify and not by me.


i really hope they realise what they are doing here right now.

Hello @user-removed, @mlansky@an1f


I apologize for any inconvenience, if this issue is still effecting you could you please post details of your problem (device, OS, how to reproduce, etc. ) here.


That would be great! Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

Hey @user-removed @mlansky @an1f


Album covers not showing in offline mode is a known bug.


Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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Dear friends, how is it possible to pay for a service and have these kind of problems? I demand an immediate solution

I have had the issue ever since I got the iPhone 7 ... I have to keep my spotify in offline mode while not on wifi .. I have 256 storage so I have plenty of music but jesus ... can we get this fixed?


I used up 2 gigs of data one day at work in around an hour since I didnt know it was downloading art OVER and OVER. And for the how to repeat you just use the service. Get a freakin fix this is stupid ... on spotifys side they have to notice many many devices syncing art over and over. 

Hi everyone, 

I Have the same problem!

I don't use data for listening online music, so if I'm in wifi connection I can listen all music and see the covers, BUT is I'm offline, I can't see the covers 

All the time when I'm connected on wifi, everything works well, but when I leave far wifi or disconnect wifi, i can't see the covers.


I have a iPhone 6 and around 1.000 music


Can someone help us?


thanks guys

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