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I created playlists in the new ipad version. Why can´t I se them in my phones spotify app I can´t see them when I´m logging in from my computer? Is this a new feature or what do I do wrong?

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Hey johjon- We've just given this a test run in the office. The moment you add a track to a playlist in the iPad it should pop up in your desktop version too.


However, in order to listen to that new playlist on your phone, you'll need to sync it for offline use. Hope that helps--give us a shout if you any more questions. 

OK, I'll try that. But then I have to make all may playlists I create in my iPad available for offline playing? If I want to see them in my desktop spotify and /or spotify for Android in my phone?

Hey johjon- You don't need to make them available for offline playing in order to see them in the desktop version. When you add a track to a new playlist in the iPad, you should see the change instantly on your desktop (so long as both are online). 


Once you see that new playlist in your desktop, you will only need to make it available for offline playing if you want it on your Android. 

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