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[Podcast] randomly jumps to the next episode while in the middle of a podcast

[Podcast] randomly jumps to the next episode while in the middle of a podcast







iPhone 7

Operating System

iOS 10


I will be in the middle of an episode of a podcast and suddenly the beginning of the next episode will play and I have to return to the previous episode


70 Replies

I'm in USA and the next podcast varies it's not always the same

Hi @Ihatethis27,


Thanks for your last reply and for adding the episodes. 


Just to confirm, did you follow the additional recommendation given by @Oscar in his last reply and check if this happens when giving the web player a try?


Additionally, send us over the exact OS version and Spotify version of the devices in which you have this issue. 


We'll be here standing by. 

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"Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't." -Henry Thoreau

No I haven't used the webplayer I do not use that this is clearly an app issue if you read through all the threads of people stating the same problem over multiple devices and multiple operating systems. But here is the os and version on a device I use. 


Hey @Ihatethis27,


We appreciate the info you sent.


Just to confirm, is this only happening with the Podcast show you mention, or is it happening with any other Podcast shows (we suggest that you play other content such as another Podcast show or songs)? This will help us to clarify things here and check the root of the issue. 


We'll be here standing by.

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"Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't." -Henry Thoreau

I have Spotify to listen to listen to the Rogan podcast if I can't do that there is no point in having it.  This keeps becoming try listening to something else use the webplayer instead of the app try to do anything but the one thing I downloaded this app for that I'm having the problem with.  

This happens to me with the jaackmaate podcast too. Every episode that's over an hour it seems to happen. I'll get an advert at around an hour in then after the advert it skips to a random episode. It's infuriating

Hey @Zakjosh98,


Thanks for posting.


Could you or some of the other users record a video of what's exactly going on on your end, so we can get a better understanding of the issue?


We'd also like to know the exact troubleshooting steps you've gone through.


Keep us posted,



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Good luck me and everyone else here have received zero answers so far provided everything they asked for except the screen recording and problem is still going on. Great job Spotify years of an issue that you can't solve.  I've noticed this a ton in the past few weeks dealing with issues on a job site as an electrician having lights come out miss wired from the factory and getting bumped around over 3 different departments, tons of emails and basically got told no the lights didn't come out that way as I'm looking at them miswired but apparently the guy on the phone and email know better. No one wants to actually fix a problem anymore or say they did something wrong. Obviously this is an issue with this many people having the same problem and reporting it how many other are just dealing with it not bothering to report or just stopping the service.  This seems like it should be easily replicated in you quality control department if you have one and you should.  But hey what do I know I'm just a guy

I don’t know which episodes the previous posters have encountered this bug on, but I’m seeing this exact same issue (during an ad break, Spotify decides to move to the next episode and seems to mark the original episode as completed, losing the position). Yesterday, this happened while I was listening to

On my iPhone 13 (iOS 15.4.1) with Spotify 8.7.30

at the 39:50 ad break, at least one ad played, and then the app advanced to

And marked the first episode as played.


My phone was locked when this happened (as it generally has been the 4 or 5 times it’s happened this week), and I cannot reproduce it by jumping to the time right before the ad break.


Well this is depressing. I googled this problem only to see that Spotify has been dragging its feet asking users to do the same pointless troubleshooting steps for 3 years. 

if anyone at Spotify cares, I’ve had this issue on multiple podcasts (The Big Picture, Rewatchables, Jomboy). Spotify has a function where if you listen to most of an episode, it marks it as played. This is so if you end an episode before the last ad read or credits or whatever, it’s not still listed as in progress. Except when you pause or a dynamically insetted ad plays after this point, the app thinks the episode has finished and goes to the next one. 

the fact that Spotify hasn’t figured this out and instead is telling users they can’t replicate it for 3 years is insane. If you want to be a podcasting platform, make a functioning player. Pretty basic stuff. 

Completely agree this is ridiculous what I've been saying too. There is zero cares given just read from the it book script have you tried turning it off and on and again oh that didn't fix it no idea what it could be only a ton of other people on multiple operating systems but not Spotify with the problem

I’ve simply given up and gone back to overcast whenever possible.

I googled the problem and found this 3 years on no solutions. I've found this only happens for me when listening to ringer podcasts when they goto an advertisement it will go to the next episode

Add another person to the long list of people dealing with this issue. It happens on the desktop version on my MacBook Air and on the mobile app for my Samsung Galaxy S21. I particularly notices this when listening to Joe Rogan. 

Hey folks,


Thank you for keeping in contact and for the info shared.

To keep investigating this case, we'll need some more info.


In your next response, could you send a short video where we can take a better look? You can attach it to your next response by using the Insert Video option in the post editor. You can also upload it to Google Drive and share the link with us (make sure the video has the permissions for anyone to see it).


Also, let us know the Spotify version you're currently running on your device.


We appreciate the time you're taking reporting this issue and thank you for your patience.


We'll be on the lookout. 

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Moderators keep asking this, and people keep replying with the reasons it is basically impossible to do. What information are you trying to gather from this exercise that has not been included in the various specific descriptions?

I also tried going through the actual Spotify support not just the community page here and get told the same exact **bleep** uninstall clear cache blah blah blah no one actually cares they basically just tell you it's your device even though multiple devices, multiple operating systems but hey guess we're all just idiots.

I'm seeing this behavior also. I listen to long podcasts, including Brene Brown's Unlocking Us and the Joe Rogen Experience. These podcasts are all at least an hour long, sometimes 3 hours. About 30 minutes into it, Spotify plays 2 ads. After the ads are done playing, Spotify automatically starts playing a different podcast! This is 100% reproducible! I don't think there's ever been a time where it didn't happen. Then when I go back to the podcast I was in the middle of, it starts playing at the beginning! Exasperating! And the same situation described by many others.

I see this behavior on a Moto G Power (2021) running android version 11. Spotify version

Rather than asking me what troubleshooting steps I've already taken, please tell me what troubleshooting steps I should take. Anything I can think of has been tried by other users and reported as unsuccessful on this thread.

Hey folks,


Thanks for your cooperation so far.


We understand that this issue is still ongoing for many of your and our teams are doing their best to find out what may be causing it. We are asking for these additional details and video recording, because we're unable to recreate this behavior on our end.


It would be great if you can answer the following:

  • Does this happen if you play the podcast episodes from the Show page or from your own playlists or queue?
  • Does this happen if you move the slider over to the middle of the episode, or does it only happen when the episode plays itself to the middle?
  • A video recording of the issue. If your file is too big, you can send us a link to YouTube or another similar platform.
  • The device model, OS version and Spotify version of the device that you've done the recording on.

We need this info in order to narrow down the cause of the issue and fix it and we appreciate your help.



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