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Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 1.4.0

Release Notes - Spotify for iOS 1.4.0

iOS Release Notes
What's new in version 1.4.0
  • New: You can now view and control your Play Queue. (iPhone)
  • New: To avoid duplicates, we'll ask you to confirm if you add a song to a playlist twice. (iPhone)
  • New: Say hello to sorting and filtering in Your Music. (iPhone)
  • Fictitious: This app is obsessed with penguins.

#iOS #1.4.0 #ReleaseNotes
Important to note
  • We are looking into fixing iPad rotation with version 1.5, but keep in mind it may slip to a later update.
  • Filtering and sorting in Your Music is not rolled out to everyone yet. We'll be rolling it to more users every day. Apologies for any confusion.

Update for version 1.4.1: Only some minor backend fixes.

Community Ergo Sum
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Updated the app but can't see any sorting under albums...deleted and reistalled the app after rebooting my iphone...

If it's like the android app, dragging down reveals the filter and sort.

Well...@jwylot...that's the first thing I did 🙂 but dragging down won't show anything. 

Rearranging your playlist in Your Music:

Open playlist, tap three dots (top right), tap edit, drag tracks.

Community Ergo Sum

Why isn't the possibility to share to WhatApp mentioned anywhere? Thats the first thing you see when you open up spotify. This is something that happens a lot that not all changes are mentioned. With so few changes en every version it should be possible to mention everything


???? You've just described what a customer has to do to EDIT a playlist...

Since the changelog says: "Say hello to sorting and filtering in Your Music" I'm wondering what the playlist editing has to do with sorting or filtering????

Thought you were referring to arranging your playlist.


For sorting albums, songs and artists just drag down and tap the stripes to the right of Filter

Community Ergo Sum


If I drag down I cannot see filters, anything.

Iphone 5 IOS 7.1.2 FYI

Hello Per,

So basicly you are saying that we still can't sort our own playlists (Like the desktop app, by artist, added and so on)?
That this function is limited to Your music > Songs, Albums, artists etc.?

Why not impliment the same functionality for our own playlist, That is probably what most people long for...


And using the Edit function in a playlist is far from the same thing.

Is that so?

Appreciate the update but we should be allowed to sort the actual songs within the playlist without having to drag song by song by song. This update just allows us to sort the playlists, not the songs within them. Kindle fire allows sorting within a playlist. Not sure about iPad. Come on, hook iOS up. Playlists are one of your strengths.


no this update is not supposed to do only playlist's supposed to any sorting, filtering in your YM but for me it doesn't work.

The filter/sorting option won’t show until you force quit the application 😕


now I see...thank you. (but I had already tried to quit the app...with no results)

So 'control of your play queue ' seems to be to just view your play queue and pick a different song, not edit the play que. Correct?

I got a little bit excited thinking this update would bring playlist sorting to iPhone, but as previously said it's only for Your Music. Was highly disappointed. Are we ever going to get this feature?


Glad about the play queue and duplication features though - they've been long overdue. Hopefully they'll get added to the iPad app soon.

It becomes almost unfair. I am paying the same price, but over and over iphone users get much more features than ipad users (as me).

anthonylennonDo you want to sort tracks within a playlist? Is that it?

still no eq

I thought this update meant I would be able to sort playlists I have created into alphabetical order automatically instead of doing it manually? Or have I missed the point?!

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