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Save position in different playlists

Save position in different playlists



Is it possible to save multiple playlist positions? For example: If I listen to a playlist A and switch to a playlist B. Is it possible to save the position within playlist A? Because if I switch back from B to A, I'll always have to search for my last song again - that's quite annoying 😕 Would be much easier if the app stored the position with playlist A and restores them when I switch back to this playlist.



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I agree,

a smart saving function on each palylist position would be a nice feature. Especially on long playlists it's quite annoying searching for the last position in case you don't even remeber the name of the artist or the title (you have to search in the history - that's really annoying)...

Sounds like this should be suggested in the ideas topic. I just checked and it doesn't look as if this has already been suggested.

Spotify Managers/Programmers: When will this be implemented? This is my No. 1 problem with Spotify. Here is what happens: I listen to a playlist and find a song that I really like. I decide I want to listen more songs from that band/singer or album. At this point I have to use Google Play Music / iTunes / Amazon Music or similar as if I leave the playlist it forgets my position when I come back. This is just bad. Also, I have approx 25 playlistst that I love. And they are long. And sometimes I'm in mood for one, sometimes for the other. Too bad that each time I start playing a playlist it starts from the beginning and not where I'm not left off... I don't know what takes this long, people have been asking for this feature for years. A simple local probably-never-heard-of music player name Folder Player does this perfectly. So why can't Spotify?

Still waiting on this feature in 2023. I get that a huge software company has plenty of issues to deal with on a daily basis, but I just don't understand how a feature like this has never been considered a priority. You can find plenty of people online asking about it. I can imagine the meeting at Spotify now...


Manager: Are there any other issues to discuss?

Employee: Well I was thinking... I don't always listen to albums and playlists all the way through...

Manager: What do you mean, buddy?

Employee: It's just that sometimes...

Manager: Don't be shy. What's on your mind?

Employee: I just sometimes wish that... it would be nice to be able to pick up where I left off when I come back to a playlist, you know?

*Dead silence*

Manager: You mean... so you don't have to remember what artist or song your were on?

Employee: Yeah.

Manager: And it would do it as the default option, instead of starting at the beginning?

*Excited tittering around the room*

Manager: That's... yeah that might just work...

*Megan from quality assurance looks up with hope, a single tear rolls down her cheek*

Manager: ... Let's do it.

*Everyone is immediately knocked out of their chairs as the earth shifts on its access*

Apple Podcasts can do this. Why not Spotify for $10.99/month?

I'm a senior software developer myself (not affiliated with Spotify, though) and have looked at the Spotify Android SDK and thus know that it would be no problem at all to create a 3rd party app that remembers the playing songs, get the metadata for them, and can start playing songs.

I'm not sure whether it could pick up playing in a playlist, but I suppose it should be possible.

If there are other interested programmers around, we could do a community project and program this feature ourselves.

What do you think?

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