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Shuffle all followed artists

Shuffle all followed artists

Is there a way to shuffle all of the artists you are following together?



26 Replies

This is ridiculous! Pandora was so much better!!!...


Or perhaps enable us to shuffle play, drawing from several artists

I think that it would be very simple to create this function. Plus, saving all of the songs from every single artist that I'm following would be rather time consuming and annoying. Perhaps what you guys could do is allow us to add artists to a collection, and so the "shuffle play" would draw from all the music created by those artists in the collection

My way around this is to select the albums I like from different artists and add them to a playlist. Spotify allows to add albums to a playlist but not artists... Annoying and silly in my opinion...


If you save the album's / songs you want to your library you can then go into your library - songs and click shuffle play from there. That will shuffle everything you're following that you've clicked save on.

Any updates on this? Can't believe this simple but popular feature still hvnt come true after 3 year.

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