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iPhone X

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iOS 12.3.1


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How to play all of my downloaded songs? I used to shuffle all of my songs with the previous version. Now, with updated version I can’t shuffle all of them. Also, I don’t like the new updated version, the old one is better. 

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Hi there!


Under the Library tab, you'll see a playlist called "Liked Songs". That's where all of your favourite and saved songs go. You can tap on it and tap the "Shuffle" button at the top.


I hope this works.



But this is only for Liked Songs. What about Downloaded Songs? I have less Liked Songs than Downloaded Songs. How can I shuffle all of my downloaded music in the new interface?

No, that isn't true. That is only liked songs. If you download a song and don't specifically 'like' it within the app, it doesn't appear there.

I have the same issue. I don't think "liked songs" are equal to "all songs". Before we had the "all songs" category.. 



No sooner have you solved one of my long-standing headaches (split screen view) you've managed to remove the other thing I use all the time... the simple ability to shuffle all my downloaded songs. 


PLEASE DO SOME MORE ROBUST USER TESTING BEFORE YOU MAKE THESE CHANGES!!! I know you want to introduce podcasts because that's where you think the money is and you need to show diversification from music streaming etc etc, but surely you must also know the value of basic functionality like being able to shuffle your library when you're not online. Yes, there are 'Favorite' songs etc, but I was, like - I suspect - many others, using the download feature to select songs I wanted to listen to regularly without incurring data usage and also for travelling etc. 


Please. Can. You. Fix. This. 

Yes to all this exactly. Please give us all songs back. It seems like such a simple thing and silly to take away.

Please either fix this problem quickly and reinstate the feature or at least tell us that you don't care about user experience and that we should switch to a service that offers it.

That doesn't get you all the songs in your library.  It only gets you the songs that you liked.  How do we play all the songs in our library?


Unfortunately Spotify eliminated this option...I invite you to see the initiative that has been since 2017 with comings and goings, many kudos but still Spotify does not care.


There you will find how the subject has been treated and you can give us your support, hopefully at some point Spotify will put real interest in what its users want.


Best regards,


That's part of the reason that I went back to Apple Music. I also like to shuffle all my songs that are downloaded. 

I had the same issue.  Spotify clearly either doesn’t care, or was dumb enough to overlook this.  As we all know “Liked Songs” is not “All Songs”. It’s literally individual songs that you liked only.  OR, it’s albums you liked before they updated Spotify to be terrible.  So, the easiest way I found to remedy this that took me a bit of time, but not too bad....was to go into albums, filter them to start with “recently added”.  Start from the top, click the album and choose “like all songs”.  Do this for every album that you saved since the update and every album in the future.  Should get you back on track.  

Please just respond truthfully by saying No.

Hi, Y'all,

I understand you want this feature back, to do this please submit your idea to the submissions page. Link down below'.

If you get enough kudos, it will go to the Spotify Team and they will consider your idea. Hope this helps.

If they cared at all they wouldn't have removed a feature all while cramming podcasts down our throats with no way to disable it. "Ooooh! You know what I want to listen to instead of the songs I've loved my whole life all played together? Two guys in a basement spending 4 hours talking about if a gorilla could write a novel!!! Please remove all my helpful features and cram that feature above actual functionality because I want it so bad and clearly not because Spotify spends less money on freebie podcasts than good songs!!!" You can solve the problem by switching to Apple Music. They at least are a company run well enough to let people listen to music and not steer people into terrible, cheap rambling.

I have over 4,000 songs saved on my Spotify.  If I hit shuffle it o my let’s me listen to the last 10-20 songs I’ve downloaded.  There are songs in my library I haven’t heard in years due to lack of access.  How can I shuffle alllllll of my music and not just the last 10 songs?

You have to “like” the songs, or all of the songs in the album. Then you shuffle the “Liked Songs” playlist. It’s stupid...but it’s the only way at the moment. You may have to go back to albums you “hearted” and choose “like all songs” or at least like the ones you want to shuffle. Hopefully that made sense to you.

Basically just hearting an album will not “like” the songs that are in the album. If you heart a single song, it will though. It’s very strange.

The trick is to switch to Apple Music. Since Apple somehow seems to care about their user experience they have the feature and don't try to force podcasts down your throat.

Hello @m0kb9-s8k_4k .


Thank you for reaching out to us and letting us know about this.


We currently have an Ongoing Issue with Liked Songs starting from the first one.


You can take a look at it by clicking here. You can leave a +Vote and your details to help our team with the investigation.


We hope this helps. If you have any other questions we'd be happy to help 🙂

This right here just made me give up the premium subscription and migration from Apple Music. I was studying Spotify since the service was finally released in my country but I mainly listen to my music shuffled. The idea of having to like songs (manually add them to a playlist) or even have to have them downloaded to my device so I can shuffle them is, sincerely, in-sa-ne. I am rather gonna stick to Apple Music where I open the app and click two times: Songs>Shuffle. No big deal, nothing absurd.

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