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Shuffle and Repeat not working


Shuffle and Repeat not working

I am pretty sure it's an iOS 11 problem as well. But, I hope Spotify has a fix on this.


I always play songs on shuffle and repeat. I have a playlist on Spotify that has a huge list of songs, more than 500 songs.


I updated my iPhone to iOS 11. And, I am having problems playing Spotify from my phone in my 2015 Mazda6. Every time I connect my phone to the car's Bluetooth, the shuffle and the repeat feature turns off, and when I turn it back on, it's still won't work. i kept repeating the process of turning back the shuffle and repeat on, and it turns off by itself.


I really hope they have a solution for this. 

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As previously mentioned, the voice command workaround doesn't work first time every time. I've recently gotten it to work first time by saying "shuffle-all" like it's one word. Try to say it without pausing between the words. I have a pretty thick Australian accent so if it can work for me, it can work for anyone!

@scozza15 wrote:

According to Mazda's Bluetooth Handsfree hotline, they only guarantee compatibility up to iPhone 6 (and then only if it has iOS 8). I got a reference number from the Bluetooth folks and gave that to my dealer who is working with Mazda Customer Care. Waiting to find out if they will do anything for me.

They're not 😞

You only have to say "aleatorio todos" 

This works!


So bizarre it can't recognize it the first time it's spoken. If you hadn't written this, I would have just kept assuming I was somehow saying it differently the first time.


If I pronounce it SHUF-uh-LAWL, it works.

The trick for getting the voice recognition to work in the Mazda is to press the voice command, then wait until you see text on the vehicle display.  At that point, you can say 'Shuffle All' and so far that seems to be working every time. 

Could it be?! After all of these years, the latest update fixed this?!? I had given up all hope. Thanks Spotify!

It's working for me as well!  The question is - did the Spotify update fix it or the iOS update?  

I updated Spotify and it works! Hallelujah!

same problem here listening on iphone speaker .... i have to go to next track manualy

Its defenitely the iOS update...then since I had this issue I stopped updating spotify. 

And it worked already... then I have update spotify and it still works. 


So iOS 11.3 / 11.3.1 solved the issue! 

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