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Shuffle button disappeared after update

Shuffle button disappeared after update





Iphone 7 ios 12

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Shuffle button is gone after the new update


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Hey @rookiexxxx, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

Could you attach any screenshots please?


Thanks 🙂



Hey @rookiexxxx,


That's the expected behaviour. Release Radar is a playlist created by algorithms in line with your taste of music so it's asking for your feedback by tapping the hear/stop options. It's just like the Radio Feature, Autoplay and Discover Weekly.


You can learn more about Release Radar here.


Hope it helps 🙂


P.S. I like that song too!

Thanks for clarifying!

This does appear to be a new-ish approach, as I used to be able to play down my Discover Weekly list in the order it was set up and listen to it over a couple of sessions. Forcing shuffle for that one in particular will make it harder for me to discover music if I don't listen continuously, as I'll have to constantly either re-hear things and skip through. 

I'm sure Spotify put this through focus groups and the like, but this user likes being able to move through the list in the order presented, even if the list will change periodically and even though that order is arbitrary.

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