Spotify Remote - volume control stopped working


Spotify Remote - volume control stopped working


Plan: Premium

Country: USA



iPhone 5C


Spotify Web 


I have nice speakers wired into my kitchen from a nice amplifier/stereo in another room and all  I want to do is remote control an old iOS device plugged into that stereo so I can play Spotify in my kitchen.  I'll spare you the struggles (very frustrating), but a couple of months ago Spotify got everything right - I could reliably control the music and the volume of the old iPhone from my MacBook or another iPhone or or a Windows computer or WHATEVER.  My wife and I disagree on volume pretty frequently and this brought harmony and happiness and good music to cook with.  Recently, Spotify seems to have broken the volume control for Spotify Remote - I can't control any device's volume control from anywhere.  I've tried every combination (iOS to iOS, web to iOS, web to PC, etc.) restarted, rebooted and even **bleep** reinstalled - it's JUST BROKEN EVERYWHERE IN SPOTIFY.  Am I alone in this problem?  Does anyone else rely on this feature?  My marriage is at stake...

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Unfortunately you can no longer change the volume of other devices through Spotify Connect.


However, if you would like, you can submit your idea about bringing that back in Idea Submissions board or support it if this idea has been already submitted.

Hope it helps 🙂

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