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Spotify Stations CarPlay/Roku/Alexa/AutoPlay questions

Spotify Stations CarPlay/Roku/Alexa/AutoPlay questions


United States

iPhone 8 | iOS 10


So I'm loving Stations and considering deleting my premium Pandora account. However, a few things are making me wait and I'm hoping anyone has more info on a few of the below.

1. CarPlay - any way or news on when it will be available?

2. Stations app for Roku/AppleTV, etc?

3. How can I get Alexa to play Stations? It doesn't show up in the music services secton within the Alex app and wondering if there's a workaround and/or if anyone knows when this might become available?

4. Last but definitely not least - is there a way to turn off autoplay as I'm scrolling up and down through my stations. It's incredibly annoying and frustrating to scroll through my stations just to browse what I have, and it changes everytime I stop on one! Any help??


Thanks a lot!

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I have no experience with Carplay, stations apps, or Alexa, but I might be able to help with the last problem. Tap the cog on the home screen > Playback > toggle Autoplay to off. Hope this helps! 

Thank you so much, but that only works for playlists on Spotify after they're done playing, not for the autoplay within the Stations app.


Also, I did find out that I can play the Stations app through my Alexa buy connecting to it within the app itself, but still cannot ask Alexa to play my Stations presumably because it's still not a "music service" on the Alexa app

Hello again,


Sorry, I didn't realize the autoplay problem was only happening within the Stations app. I'm taking a quick look around the internet (again, I have no experience with Carplay, lol), and it seems the most complained about autoplay problem is the music starts automatically upon starting the car. Is this different from what you're experiencing? Does your autoplay problem only happen when scrolling through Stations?


Thanks a lot! I don't mind the autoplay upon car starting or Spotify launching. Yes, it's specifically when scrolling through my stations in the separate Stations app

Thanks for the information, that was helpful. It allowed me to find this thread from three weeks ago: It looks like this is a known bug that will hopefully be addressed soon. 


Sorry I don't have a fix for you, but I hope this helps somewhat!

Many thanks! Yeah, guess will just have to wait

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