Spotify for Apple Watch?

Spotify for Apple Watch?

I don't mean to want a full-blown app that can discover music in the Watch app. The Watch is not supposed to be used that way, but should be for lightweight interactions.
I know Watch users can control music playback by using the Now Playing Glance, but it is only for pause, next, or back.
Would be nice if I can select from my saved Spotify playlists to be played on my iPhone, right on my watch. It doesn't even need to allow me to select specific songs. Just playlists would be great! Thanks.
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I think it would be great if it was possible, so I could use my surround system to play music while I have guests. But I think Spotify has already been working together with someone else than Apple, to get surround sound for premium users it was a bit cheaper. But an app for the Apple TV would make my life easier, and they already have one for other Apple Products, so why not

I suggest you to post this idea in a special community section.

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